Tensions between protesters in the streets of Quebec

Photo: Isabelle Porter
In front of the Québec police, protesters responded to the call for identity groups to hoist the flags of Quebec and patriots. Some were dressed in clothes of camouflage-type military.

A part of the Hill has been paralyzed on Saturday due to the holding of the simultaneous manifestation of The Pack with other identity groups and other walk-racist organized to denounce it.


To 13 h 30, large sections of the boulevard Dufferin-Montmorency and the boulevard René-Lévesque were still blocked to traffic, while police ended up pushing the protesters anti-racist to the plains of Abraham.


The Pack, Storm Alliance, and representatives of the militia, III %, were gathered from 11 am at park of America-French with the intention of walking to the congress Centre, where stood the congress of the liberal Party. At least 300 people had responded to their invitation. Many sported flags of Quebec and patriots while others were wearing clothes with a camouflage military-style.


Originally, this demonstration aimed to denounce the holding of the Commission on systemic racism. Gold because of its cancellation by the government, the message was more broad. Defending himself of being racist, participants were also advocating for ” religious neutrality “. “Your religion, you do it in private, in your living room,” said Stéphane Roch, one of the members of the council of The Pack. On the side of the Storm Alliance, said, he wished to defend the Charter of liberties, but also the cause of Sébastien Cormier, a Quebec, including the wife of the original malagasy does not manage to immigrate to Quebec.


During this time, groups called “anti-fascist” or anti-racist had converged in front of the parliament at the Esplanade park. Among these, we found the singer of Québec Webster, accompanied by his parents. “I wanted to show my disagreement to the identity discourse of The Pack “, he said. “For me, it is a vision to the past of the québécois identity. “Less imposing, this second demonstration, which included families with children, musicians and a group of protesters, masked and dressed in black.


Imposing police


The congress liberal, the representatives of the government tempéraient the concerns about the tensions of identity that displayed outside. The minister of Education, Sébastien Proulx, has argued that people who join groups such as The Pack were “many fewer” than one could believe. “Me, I’m a small guy of Three Rivers […] in a working class neighborhood that was well traditional, as we see in Quebec, and I went lately, there are reception classes […] people of all cultures and nations. There is a great place to live. It is like that that things will change in Quebec “, he added.


On one side or the other, a large police had been deployed and dozens of agents riot encircled the both gatherings before the start of the walk. Throughout the morning, a helicopter flew over the area while dozens of police officers from the Sûreté du Québec encircling the convention Center.


While the police began pushing the second group away from the boulevard René-Lévesque, a third group of radical ultra-nationalist belonged to Atalanta Quebec is mounted on the fortifications, chanting ” Quebec for Quebecers “.


Once in the street, we heard them chanting slogans like “We are here” or “Sons of whores, anti-fa,” in reference to the groups anti-fascists.


During this time, the police had repressed them to the Esplanade park, sometimes making use of Cayenne pepper.


Counter-demonstrators responded by throwing snowballs to the police. On his Twitter account, the SPVQ has made a score of arrests.

#Protest #manifencours Stick telescopic lance-pierre with metal beads as well as plastic bottles containing liquid stranger are the weapons seized on the 21 individuals arrested

— SPVQ_police (@SPVQ_police) November 25, 2017

When things calmed down, the minister of public Safety, Martin Coiteux argues that “everything was under control” and that the police forces were ” well prepared “. “There have been arrests, it is that there are people who have not expressed peacefully,” he said.

With Marie-Michele Sioui, and The canadian Press

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