Tentacles the length of a man in England caught a huge octopus

Щупальца длиной с человека: в Англии поймали огромного осьминога

British fisherman Josh perks caught at the coast of the English County of Devon a huge octopus, the tentacles of which reached a length of five feet, according to

Photo of unusual catch fisherman posted on the social network Instagram. The image shows that the octopus, which a man holds in his hands, almost the same height with the person.

33-year-old perks has been supplying seafood to fine dining restaurants. Pictures of his prey, he regularly posts on the Internet. His accounts should be many British cooks, as quickly as possible to enjoy his catch for your kitchen.

Octopus Josh after a few hours bought one of the London restaurants. Local media suggest that meals were served at the table on Wednesday, may 15.

It should be noted that eating octopus can be quite dangerous. A few days ago, “MIR 24” has written about the Chinese girl tried to eat a live octopus live. However, sea animal stuck to her face and caused pain.

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5ft Octopus ????

Publication from Josh Perkes (@brixham_seafish) 13 May 2019 10:11 PDT