Terminator 6 : James Cameron’s account explain the origins amazing character of Schwarzenegger






While a sixth Terminator is in preparation, James Cameron conjures up a track that could well be at the heart of the scenario.

The Terminator in the camp of the gentiles in the face of a Terminator to be more modern, the Terminator in the camp of the gentiles in the face of a Terminator more modern and feminine, the post-apocalyptic future with lots of Terminators, the return of the Terminator in a chassé-croisé time to up the past and create a new timeline : five movies and a few suites aborted, the saga initiated by James Cameron with Terminator in 1985 was motioned in every way to exploit the fad. Leave to repeat, contradict, wear out, or expire under the eyes of the fans sometimes exasperated.

In 2019, the director of Titanic and Avatar will retrieve automatically the rights, which passed through many hands in recent decades. Arnold Schwarzenegger said : James Cameron will be back one way or another for a Terminator 6 , which will be shot, according to him, as early as march 2018. In the same way that Terminator : Genisys has swept Terminator salvation and its sequels are planned, the sixth episode should start in a new direction after the icy reception of the film by Alan Taylor released in 2015.


James Cameron on the set of the first Terminator


If the fan sighed in advance and can question the investment of a real James Cameron is busy with the shooting of three sequels ofAvatar , which promise to be huge, the filmmaker has delivered the fruit of some of his reflections to the site TheArnoldFans.com during a live session of questions and answers on Facebook. With an assumption now made explicit : that the next film returns to the origins of the character of Schwarzenegger, and explains things that person did not necessarily want to know.

“We wondered, ‘Why have they made it so that these characters look like and have the voice of Arnold ?’. There must be a reason. So yes, it came to me in mind that there is necessarily a prototype. There has necessarily been a type of whose DNA has been harvested. To create the outer layer organic of the Terminator… and that was probably a real person at a time. “


Schwarzenegger in the first Terminator


Now, the question is, is this person had a particular value for Skynet to that they choose this person ? Or was it an entire row of Terminators and the model of Arnold was just the one that was closest to the door center of travel temportel, the other models have a different appearance ? I asked myself these questions, but it has never been resolved… so stay tuned ! We talk rather seriously to make new Terminator films, and may be a trilogy, so you will see what is on the surface… “

Terminator 6 will be able to use the magic of special effects to have an Arnold Schwarzenegger much younger than his 70 years, and thus explain the origins of one of the characters most iconic science-fiction. Explore his birth, his identity, the why of the how and illuminate the shadow areas to a myth whose strength is based on its dark simplicity. The one that digests the origins of xénomorphes in Prometheus will no doubt be delighted by this prospect.


Schwarzenegger in the fifth Terminator

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