Terrorist attacks anticipated during the pandemic?

Attaques terroristes devancées pendant la pandémie?

The website POLITICO published this morning in an exclusive article that outlines the concerns of the forces of law and order and services information. According to the information they have, the epidemic of COVID-19 encourage the terrorists to accelerate the implementation of their dark designs.

In the beginning of the week, an individual who planned to take her to a hospital in Missouri dealing with the infected people has been killed by the FBI during his arrest. The man would have wanted to preempt the execution of his plan. He was motivated, among other things, by a resentment against the government.

John Demers leads the pane national security of the department of Justice. For Demers, the attack of the Missouri represents what could be a new trend. It not only proceed more quickly, but it changes the choice of targets. People gather less to the mall or in public places usual. So this is not a chance if you target a hospital.

If one is concerned about the new targets, it does not exclude the possibility that the COVID-19 becomes a weapon. Terrorists infected could move and contribute to the spread. We also note that Americans are still trying to get out of the country to join terrorist groups abroad. This is the case of a pakistani doctor working temporarily in the United States. He was arrested while he was taking a flight to reach Syria.

There is another component of the increased risk posed by the virus and the containment in several regions of the country. More people are isolated at home and surfing the web. All this free time to look for such information also increases the risk of misinformation and distorted interpretation of the sequence of events. Becoming more radical on the web is not new, but the phenomenon could be amplified.

The spread of the COVID-19 profoundly changed our habits and the terrorists adapt to these changes. Fortunately, the intelligence services have observed the trend and, for the moment, to intercept those who would be tempted to take action. We can only wish for sustained vigilance; the pandemic changes the plans of the terrorists, but it doesn’t stop them.

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