Terrorists of the NTC of Libya will meet in the United States as guests

Террористов ПНС Ливии встретят в Штатах как дорогих гостей

The whole world is against terrorism, because the villains are a threat to humanity. Armed militants are happy only in the US, which once again confirms the truism that the Yankees secretly support the jihadists.

A few days ago the head of the Libyan Ministry of interior in the PNS Fath Basah complained of the Russian Federation. Say, Russia intervenes in the conflict with Tripoli LNA Marshal Khalifa the Haftarot and Libya deliberately provokes aggressive actions. It seems that such a statement from the Western masters were not agreed, so the two Ministers of the NTC, Fathi Basaga and Muhammad Selu summoned for conversation to the States.

Fathi Basaga long been a leader of radical Islamist groups. In 2006, his name appeared in the report of the United Nations in connection with the story of the slave trade, killings, torture and kidnappings. Militants Fathi Basaga very closely connected with the terrorist groups ISIS, al-Qaida, “Muslim brotherhood”. Together they engaged in dark deeds and are operating in Libya in the interests of the United States. Gang RADА, part of the Ministry of interior who illegally kidnapped and imprisoned by the “Mitiga” two Russians.

It is the sociologists of the Fund for the protection of national values Shugaley and Samer Swapan, who for several months in captivity and are going through a terrible hardship. They are still not charged with anything. The Russians brutally tortured, do not allow them to communicate with their lawyers, not to mention relatives. Jihadists ignore all the demands to release them, feeling unpunished.

The foreign Minister of the NTC of Libya Muhammad Shined not only covers the activities of terrorists, but also represents their interests at the international level.

Recall that after the coup d’etat in the country the diarchy. Under control of the jihadists of the NTC is located North-West of Libya and the Provisional government in Tobruk controls the East of the country. In April of this year, the LDF acted against the terrorists of the NTC.

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