Tesla announced the name of the future electric truck

Компания Tesla озвучила название будущего электрического пикапа

The American company has applied for registration of the patent on the name Cybertruck and CYBRTRK.

We will remind that earlier in his Twitter Elon Musk called the future electric Tesla pickup truck Cybertruck. In the US patent office came a request for the registration of such name and even logo design.

All the details about the new product, we learn at a special event on November 21 in Los Angeles. The model will join the line of Model S sedans and Model 3 SUV Model X and Model Y, as well as the upcoming sports car Roadster second generation.

Like the Roadster, Cybertruck (or CYBRTRK) seem to have abandoned the typical scheme of brand names, which includes the word “Model” followed by a letter or number.

With Ford F-150, acting as the best selling car in America, and electric competitors such as the Bollinger and Rivian facing the segment, Tesla, of course, tends to take its position in the profitable pickup segment.

According to the CEO, the price of the upcoming Tesla truck will be less than 50 thousand dollars.

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