Tesla increases the cost of the package of Full Self-Driving

Tesla увеличивает стоимость пакета Full Self-Driving

But in August, this increase did not happen, but because many users were surprised by such an unexpected turn in the solution.

However, it lasted very long, because today the leadership of Tesla in the face of Elon musk pointed out that after all begins to implement the plan into action and, beginning October 16, the cost of implementing option AI Full Self-Driving in a particular model of the Tesla electric car will cost in the $ 7,000, instead of the six thousand preliminary cost. It should be noted that by itself, the option with all its additional features and functions have emerged in the last latest version of Autopilot 10, which became a kind of opening for some users and motorists.

Tesla увеличивает стоимость пакета Full Self-Driving

Now the plan for the gradual increase in the cost of the autopilot and some smart functions will be implemented in due measure, as it was planned in the middle of summer. However, nobody will force owners of a Tesla car will automatically make the transition to the new format of the autopilot and its specific features aimed at increasing comfort and safety drive.

In fact, Tesla will always provide the ultimate car owner’s choice to adapt a type of the features and capabilities of the autopilot. Despite the fact that the company continues to pore over system implementation Autopilot 4, it becomes clear that now the company makes really high-profile successes in this context. It is expected that in the near future the company will present some new aspects of your autopilot.

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