Tesla introduced a new version of “solar” shingles

Tesla представила новую версию «солнечной» черепицы

It is expected that “solar shingles” can surpass even the success of the automotive division

Recently Tesla demonstrated a third improved version of its solar shingles. According to Elon musk, install new roof will begin in the coming weeks. It is expected that the update will help to accelerate the development of solar business of the company and even surpass the success of the automotive division, informs the ecotown.

So how do solar panels work, and what benefits do they provide? The answer is quite simple. They efficiently generate power from sunlight, that the home can then consume. A solar panel installation immediately provides a return on investment in the form of a lower electric bill. Eventually, you’ll have saved the exact amount of money installing solar panels cost you, and from then on you will only profit. It also goes without saying, being more energy efficient is good to the environment as well.

Tesla представила новую версию «солнечной» черепицы

Tesla demonstrated the first solar shingles in 2016, and pre-orders started in 2017. Information about what the company is working on a new version appeared in the summer. Then Musk said General meeting of shareholders that the solar shingles are a new generation has become much more efficient, and its cost is equal to the price of a regular cover for the roof. This enabled to speak about the beginning of mass production.

Until now, solar shingles Tesla did not use special demand. Perhaps things will change with the new version. The solar sector, the company is lagging far behind from others. Although third-quarter solar panels were installed on 48% more than in the second, when compared with the same period last year there is a decline of 54%.

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