Tesla is the company’s most expensive Stock market in the automotive sector

Tesla devient l’entreprise la plus chère en Bourse du secteur automobile

The manufacturer of premium electric vehicles, Tesla became Wednesday, during the session on Wall Street, the company in the global automobile sector’s most expensive Stock, in excess of the japanese Toyota.

According to the agency Bloomberg, the market value of Tesla has reached 207,2 billion dollars on the plaza new york, surpassing the 201,9 billion dollars to Toyota.

Several commentators had indicated as early as the month of June that Tesla was elevated to the first rank in scholarship among the manufacturers of cars. Elon Musk, the mercurial boss of the company, had even “liked” a tweet praising him for this feat.

This time lag is due to the methods of calculation of the market capitalization of a company, which corresponds to the number of shares outstanding multiplied by the value of the security at a given time.

Like other japanese companies, Toyota has been stored these past few years a large number of shares for buy-back programs. These titles are not always taken into account to quantify the market value of the company.

By not including it in the calculation, it is therefore possible to consider that Tesla has surpassed Toyota in Fellowship after the 10 June.

Anyway, the manufacturer continues to impress Wall Street even though electric cars represent only a small portion of the automotive market.

But those are regarded as the future of the sector by many investors and specialists.

The title of Tesla rose more than 4 % at mid-session on the square in new york.

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