Tesla software increases the power of electric vehicles

Tesla программно увеличивает мощность электромобилей

It should be noted that such methods to increase the power of electroaccumulators and motor by using purely software approach represents something really unusual, because previously the company talked about its plans in this format. But more importantly, the update brings a new feature Scheduled Departure.

This feature is an automatic switch from the charging mode of electric vehicle battery to stop it, thereby giving users and owners of electric vehicles the opportunity to manage mode and battery level, effectively avoiding a possible overpayment for the spent electricity. In addition, too long to keep the battery connected to the power source also is not a good idea because it can slip spikes of energy, as well as thought of the Tesla.

Tesla программно увеличивает мощность электромобилей

In General, a new software upgrade allows owners of Tesla electric cars to enjoy not only an increased power rating of the electric vehicle, but also some new features and facilities in respect of which the user doesn’t need to worry about the correct use of the car, even in the most extreme situations. Yes, and the ability to adjust the mode and the schedule for charging the car is really good.

Tesla prefers to go by proven and reliable in terms of the gradual improvement of the functionality and capabilities of their cars – it is worth noting the fact that this is best illustrated in the framework of the budget models. But in the meantime, however, it remains only to wait for the first detailed user reviews and analyses, which will specifically indicate how successful the Tesla engineering team coped with the task.

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