“Test” concerts in Paris and Marseille in February!

    “Test” concerts in Paris and Marseille in February!

    The return of concerts in 2021? Their fate will depend in part experiences which will be carried out over the next few weeks. Explanations.

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    A comeback on stage?

    This Monday January 11, 2021 in the morning, the JDD revealed some encouraging news that could give a little balm to the heart of the world of culture: health concerts are currently under study. Like the test concerts which were held in Leipzig in August or in Barcelona last month, France is considering carrying out similar experiments. She is currently working there with the Assistance publique de Paris and Inserm (two unions), the Prodiss (producer of musical shows) and the SMA (Syndicat des Musiques Actuelles).

    Several cultural events will be held in February : a one-man-show at La Cigale (900 seats) and two concerts for 2000 spectators in Marseille. The voluntary public will be tested before and after the event to collect data on the spread of Covid-19 during major cultural events. If the results are encouraging, perhaps the French government will be more inclined to ease off when culture is one of the areas most affected by the health crisis.

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