Test run spaceplane which will carry tourists into space (video)

In the American Mojave desert specialists Virgin Galactic conducted a successful test launch spaceplane VSS Unity of the SpaceShipTwo class.

Тестовий запуск космоплану, який возитиме туристів у космос (відео)

Space company Virgin Galactic has conducted testing with manned spaceplane VSS Unity of the SpaceShipTwo class. About it reports The Verge, reports Rus.Media.

The tests took place on April 5 in the American Mojave desert. The spacecraft was operated by the pilots Dave Mackay and mark Stucky.

It is noted that during the launch included rocket engines, that was a great achievement for Virgin Galactic. In the framework of earlier conducted tests with the participation of VSS Unity engine starting is not carried out.

During the test, the suborbital spaceplane was launched when paired with the carrier aircraft VMS Eve. Undocking occurred at the height of about 14 thousand meters. Then start the rocket engines.

The device is speeded up to supersonic speed and reached a height of 25 thousand feet. After the successful launch of the spacecraft successfully sat on the airfield in the Mojave desert.

We would add that these tests were the beginning before the start for tourist flights into space.

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