Tested positive to the COVID-19: “You need to stay at home,” implores the singer Lenni-Kim

Testé positif à la COVID-19: «Il faut rester à la maison», implore le chanteur Lenni-Kim

A week after he tested positive to the COVID-19, the singer Lenni-Kim is reassuring as to his state of health, but implores young people to “stay at home” in this time of crisis. “It can save lives,” he insists.

The news came like a ton of brick for the singer of 18 years who has contracted the COVID-19 during a recent visit to Paris, where he was working on his second album. Like her mother, who accompanied him, he tested positive for the virus on her return to Montreal, last Wednesday.

“I never thought it would catch the virus. It has taken all possible precautions,” says Lenni-Kim in a telephone interview with the Journal.

The surprise was all the greater since, even to this day, the young singer has only very weak symptoms: slight headache and courbattures. His mother, Myriam Landry, is doing at least good account, shaken by strong paroxysms of cough and intermittent fever.

Symptoms “anecdotal”

It all started in the French capital last Tuesday. A few hours of taking the plane that would bring them back to Montréal, Myriam Landry felt a slight headache, and a tickling in the throat. Symptoms “anecdotal” to it, first attributed as much to the fatigue stress. In short, nothing to worry about.

As the president of france Emmanuel Macron intended to close the country’s borders, mother and son boarded, while equipping them with masks and antiseptic solution.

“We haven’t budged from our seats all the way. And according to me, it was a simple headache. I was going to be ok,” says the Montreal.

It is only after their return to Montreal, the next day, that the state of Myriam Landry has been left to languish.

Seeing the symptoms take the intensity, she finally returned to the Maisonneuve-Rosemont hospital with his son.

A few hours later, they got their results, positive in both cases. Since then, Myriam Landry and Lenni-Kim have not set foot out of the family home. They explain poorly how some can defy the instructions of health issued by the government.

“Yes, we all want to get out, see our friends or our family. But this is not the time. It is necessary to stay at home, it can save lives. Our grandparents were called to go to war to save their country. And we, we are asked simply to stay at home. I think we can all make an effort, no?” drops Lenni-Kim.

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