Tests of the sirens to 14h (Tuesday to Montreal

Photo: Ministry of public Security of Quebec

Montrealers who will hear the sound the sound of sirens at around 14 h, Tuesday, will not have to run to the shelters.


The ministry of public Security of Québec and the Centre de sécurité civile de Montréal will initiate tests to check for proper operation of equipment and the level of preparedness of stakeholders in emergency measures in case of industrial catastrophe toxic.


At 13 h 55, the ministry of public Security will test its system, “Quebec on alert” in the urban agglomeration of Montréal. One of the test message, specifying that it is not a disaster real and that there is no danger to the health or safety of citizens, will be broadcast on the radio, on television, on the department’s website and on his Twitter account.


Immediately after this, from 14 h, nine plants in the greater Montreal will operate their siren to alert the population, in turn for three minutes each, in the framework of a test coordinated by the Centre de sécurité civile de Montréal.


The sirens will be as well tested distribution centres Fisheries in the atlantic, and Meats and frozen foods Metro Richelieu, the petrochemical Indorama, to the sulphur plant of Suncor, breweries, Molson Coors and Labatt, at Saputo (complex st-Laurent and St-Léonard) and Parmalat.


These tests also allow the authorities to remind the population of the instructions in case of alert of a leak of toxic product. People outside should quickly enter the building as close and close doors, windows and ventilation. We should not pick up children at school in order not to get — or put — in danger, and we should avoid to saturate unnecessarily the telephone lines.

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