Texas: A “covidiot” pushing a policeman to the water

Texas: Un «covidiot» pousse un policier à l’eau

An agent of the order who tried as hard to enforce the social distancing in a park in Austin, Texas, has been shaken up and then thrown into the water by a man visibly frustrated.

“Disperse you in order to respect a distance of six feet between one and the other,” can one hear the police officer Cassidy Stillwell ask the young people who take the sun on a dock.

Rather than obey, Brandon Hicks pounces on the officer and pushes him to the water, leading to his suite. His friends filmed the scene, where it can be seen in a bathing suit to reverse the police officer.

The man, 25-year-old has been arrested and accused of attempted assault on a police officer’s order, report to the New York Daily News.

Texas began its déconfinement gradual, but the parks, such as that of Stillwell, where the incident took place, have never been closed to the public.

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