Texas: A man 38 years of age, and imprisoned since the age of 15 years was executed

Illustration of an american prison — ROBYN BECK / AFP

  • The American, Robert Pruett was sentenced to 99 years in prison for the murder of a guard.
  • The inmate claimed his side have been the victim of a sting operation by agents of the corrupt and other prisoners.

Robert Pruett, 38-year-old will not have lived a single day of his adult life outside of a prison. The man was executed Thursday by the u.s. State of Texas, after having been sentenced for the murder of a prison guard, despite no material evidence establishing his direct involvement in the murder.

Arrested at the age of 15 years

Robert Pruett was only 15 years old when he was arrested for “aiding and abetting” a murder committed by his father. He had then been sentenced to 99 years in prison, according to a very controversial law of Texas which does incur a penalty identical to the main actor of a homicide and his accomplices.

The young man was executed at 18h46 local (23h46 GMT), about an hour after the supreme court of the United States has rejected the final appeal for clemency launched by his lawyers.

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“I just want to tell everyone here that I love you so much. I have done wrong to a lot of people and many have done me wrong, ” he said in his last statement. “I had to learn the lessons of life the hard way. One day, we will no longer need to hurt people, ” he continued before saying his goodbyes, according to a press release from the department of criminal Justice of Texas.

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Bounced around between a mother a drug addict and a father who was often imprisoned

The sentence of 99 years imposed against Robert Pruett, the equivalent of a life sentence, has been criticised as representative of a criminal justice system ultra-repressive, offering no hope to a teenager at the children bounced around between a mother a drug addict and a father who was often imprisoned.

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Robert Pruett had started at the age of 7 years to take drugs, and he sold as early as primary school. While being a minor, he had been incarcerated in an adult prison.

Of the DNA analysis not conclusive

At the age of 20 years, he found himself accused of the murder of prison officers. Daniel Nagle had been found bathed in his blood, stabbed with a metal rod. He came to write a disciplinary report on Robert Pruett, who has always proclaimed his innocence. The prosecutors have ensured that Pruett had killed the guard in retaliation of this unfavourable report. The inmate says his side have been the victim of a sting operation by agents of the corrupt and other prisoners.

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Since 2013, Robert Pruett has escaped several times to a schedule, by requiring DNA analysis on the clothing, the weapon of the crime and the disciplinary report torn. These analyses proved to be inconclusive and did not prove the presence of Pruett on the scene of the murder of the warden Nagle. The results, however, were not judged to be sufficiently compelling to question the verdict.