Texas company Bitmain has suspended mining operations

The future of the enterprise was questionable.

В штаті Техас компанія Bitmain призупинила майнінгові операції

A leading manufacturer of equipment for mining bdon and operator of several large pools company Bitmain has suspended the activities of mining cryptocurrency belong to her farm in Rockdale, Texas.

A few months ago, Bitmain power to Alcoa power plant in this small town East of Austin was supposed to be the largest in the field of mining bdon in the United States. So, in August of last year the Chinese company has announced its intention to invest in the company more than $500 million and create 400 jobs. However, now that production of cryptanalytic here discontinued, the future of the enterprise was questionable, informs Rus.Media.

“I’m very disappointed, because we advertised. We waited and wanted. We need positive news, new jobs and tax base, and it was a step in the right direction,” said district judge Mlem Steve young.

Steve young also issued a statement, which says that along with the suspension of operations was fired all the employees, except the two engineers and HR policy Director. At the same time, he noted that the representatives of Bitmain assured him that in the future the operation will be restored only on a smaller scale.

“They have spent millions of dollars to repair these facilities. As far as I know, there is already seven or eight thousands of servers,” added Yang.

According to him, one of the reasons that caused Bitmain to make this decision was the substantial price reduction bdon over the last year.

Note that the news about the suspension of operations Bitmain in Texas almost coincided with reports that the company’s founders Bitmain Cihan MKR Wu and Zhang have different views on the further vector of development in conditions of a falling kaptarenko and will leave their leadership positions.