Texto at the wheel: license suspended at the second offense

The incorrigibles of texting while driving will have to put off their habits if they do not want to lose their right to drive. The reform of the Highway Safety Code provides for a suspension of the license for 3 days from the second offense.

C ette measure is part of the 83 who are enrolled in a bill introduced Friday by Transport Minister André Fortin.

It adds to the higher fines for texting while driving, which will rise from $ 80 to $ 100 and from $ 300 to $ 600. The driver’s license may also be suspended for 7 days for a third offense and 30 days for a fourth offense.

Texting on the handlebars will also be banned for cyclists.

This bill comes at the end of a vast public consultation that took place last winter in 11 Quebec cities. This reform of the Highway Safety Code, which aims to further reduce the number of accidents on the roads, is expected since 2014.

Other measures in bulk:

– Prohibition to drive between midnight and 5am for apprentice drivers

– Drunk drink recidivists will need a lifetime ignition interlock device

– All vehicles must be equipped with winter tires on December 1st instead of December 15th

– New frame for autonomous vehicles

More details to come …

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