Than$ 50,000 requested to assist a researcher at the CHU de Québec

50 000$ demandés pour aider un chercheur du CHU de Québec

A researcher from Quebec who is working on a vaccine to end the pandemic of COVID-19 turns to the sociofinancement to speed up the pace. “I assure you that we will give everything we can to develop this vaccine’ promises to Denis Leclerc in return.

Dr. Leclerc and his team at the CHU de Québec-Université Laval are working hard to develop a vaccine against the coronavirus. The lack of funding in the research of prevention in recent years has, however, put a spoke in the wheel. They began the race with a good length of delay on the virus.

“I continue to believe that if we had the necessary funding in the past few years, we would already have a vaccine,” says with the assurance of the researcher in microbiology and infectious diseases.

Accelerate the pace

To address this shortfall, Dr. Leclerc, and the fondation du CHU de Québec therefore look to the public to try to speed up the pace.

$ 50,000 requested will acquire a specific device to “accelerate the purification of the proteins used for the manufacture of the vaccine”.

“In short, we can do more, more quickly. […] That will be used to acquire equipment that will save us a lot of time,” explains the professor.

Ultimately, by shifting its work to the higher speed, the expert wants to allow for the conduct of clinical trials more quickly. “I learned that Health Canada is really open to facilitate the entry into [test] clinic,” said Dr. Leclerc to explain the process.

At the time of writing these lines, a little more than $ 2000 had been raised.

Fifteen years of research

The researcher is confident that its work would be the solution. Its vaccine is developed based on nanoparticles that are part of his research for the past fifteen years.

It has for peculiarity to trigger a strong response of the immune system on two fronts simultaneously, either at the level of the production of antibodies and cells that kill those who are infected.

“I’m very confident that we will succeed. Honestly, I am sure of my coup,” says Dr. Leclerc, who feels that the public response to his campaign financing will have a mobilizing effect.

“This initiative has a very stimulating effect on the team, which was already very motivated, let’s say, and on me also. The support of the population we really encourage,” says the researcher

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