Than the new Russian flu vaccine is different from the usual



In Novosibirsk scientists have developed an innovative flu vaccine. The drug is created based on the culture weakened pathogens viruses. For the immune system this vaccine is safer than those produced in chicken embryos. A new drug can be applied to people allergic to chicken protein. In contrast to conventional live vaccines have a shelf life longer – up to five years. Laboratory experiments on mice have already shown results. With the help of the new vaccine was able to cope with two viruses – “California” and “Aichi”. A new drug, doctors will start to apply after its registration – in about two years.

How unique is this vaccine, in an interview with TV channel “MIR 24” said the pediatrician, neonatologist, vaccinologist, senior specialist network of medical clinics, PhD rabiat Zainiddinov.

Zainiddinov: I Must say that this is a very large institution. This has been known since 1974. And for a long time was generally closed. And they are all the time engaged in the development of immunobiological drugs development of vaccines. Live flu vaccine is not a new vaccine on the market vaccinal preparations. But it differs how they are positioning this drug, the fact that immunity from the administration of the vaccine will be kept up to five years. It is really innovation, because the vaccines that we have now, whether it be live or inactivated form an immunity lasting no more than a year. Therefore, we say that vaccination against seasonal influenza is annual in nature. And then they say five years.

Zainiddinov: Not quite. The developers of the vaccine, as far as I know, as covering the main strains that will be observed as dominant strains, they will show themselves as dominant strains over the next several years. Still despite the fact that the vaccine is updated annually, the basic strains happen again. Circulation of the same strains is observed annually. They can be combined with each other, they can be changed periodically, but generally they are somewhere again. And that’s why I guess the developers considered possible immunity, which will form the vaccine, to save duration of up to five years. Again, we can’t say how reliable it is now, because the vaccine is in the development stage. Certification is, as I understand it. And five years are stated as alleged. But what will happen in the final version that will be in the certificate itself, we don’t know.