Thanks to the early warning system, the Russian-Chinese strategic Alliance receives new impetus

Благодаря системе раннего предупреждения, российско-китайский стратегический альянс получает новый импульс

The Russian-Chinese Alliance, which has repeatedly said the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, is growing. And that deepening of relations will influence not only the West but also in Asia. And the latest indication of this is the proposal of the Russian President Putin to help China to build a system of early warning of missile attack (CBRN).Press Secretary of the Kremlin did not provide any details, for example, when the system begins to operate, however, said that the decision “emphasizes the close relationship of Russia and China.” This clearly indicates the growing strategic partnership and the nature of the special relationship between Russia and China.The last few years Russian-Chinese strategic partnership for Russia is more important than any other relationship. Russia used in the characterization of these relations such as “the Alliance” for the first time in September 2019 in Vladivostok, then on 3 October in Sochi and later at a meeting of the Valdai club in Moscow on 7 October 2019. In the first case, in Vladivostok, Putin said: “Over the past decade, we have established a special relationship, partnership, strategic.” Later in the Valdai club, he said: “we Have an unprecedented high level of trust and cooperation. It is Alliance, a multi-faceted strategic partnership.”According to Russian media, has signed a contract to develop software for network early warning system. The system already includes ground-and space elements. China already has Russian air defense systems s-400, which can, in part, provide protection from missile attacks. Now developed a new system s-500, and Moscow believes that if Beijing will gain, it will help Russia to create a comprehensive architecture of an integrated system SBRN and the network of missile defense.Also there is talk about the fact that this system will enable the two countries to warn each other about launches of third countries, however, there is skepticism. Military analyst from Hong Kong song Zhongping believes this is unlikely, as a strategic early warning systems are among the most conserved and critical for national security systems, as they can determine the difference between the physical survival of the country, and it is unlikely that such systems will operate in conjunction with other countries.It seems that China is a beneficiary of the deteriorating relations between Russia and the West. After the Ukrainian crisis and sanctions against Russia, Moscow felt the need to develop its own strong partnerships with Asian countries, and China benefited immensely from this initiative of the Russian. But the converse is also true — the deterioration of relations between the US and China also make China more amenable to courting Russian. Regardless of the reasons for this deepening of the Union, it will have an impact — including in such Asian powers as India, which has its own reasons to worry about these relations.

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