“That can be a major provocation”: why Donbass arrived British military instructors

«Это может стать крупной провокацией»: зачем в Донбасс прибыли британские военные инструкторы

The armed forces of Ukraine AFP © SERGEI SUPINSKYAccording to the operational command of the self-proclaimed DNR, controlled Kiev territory of Donbass military instructors arrived from the UK. The representative of the DND Eduard Bacurin, citing intelligence reports, said that foreign specialists arrived to train Ukrainian soldiers subversive business. Basurin also said that prior to February 8, the conflict zone is a must visit and the delegation of the U.S. armed forces. RT versed, what other countries teach Kiev to fight, and how the presence of Western experts may affect the situation in the region.

The self-proclaimed representative of the Donetsk national Republic Eduard Basurin on Sunday, citing intelligence reports said that British instructors arrived at the location of the Ukrainian armed forces in Donbass. According to him, foreigners will have to train the soldiers of AFU sabotage the case.

“In the area of responsibility of the 93rd mechanized brigade near the town of Volnovakha marked the arrival of a group of foreign instructors headed by the representative of the British Armed forces to train military personnel of AFU sabotage and Subversion the case,” — said Basurin.

In addition to the British, he noted, the region from 5 to 9 February must visit the delegation of the us military. They said Eduard Basurin, will have to assess the situation in the ranks of the Ukrainian security forces and control the flow of funds that Washington has allocated for the army of the country.

The defense Ministry this information has not commented.

With new skills

In addition, the DNR stressed that in the area of Mariupol has been completed rotation of the Ukrainian military. So, to replace the separate motorized infantry brigade came brigade of naval infantry, which participated in NATO exercises in Georgia in September 2017.

The representative DND stressed that does not rule out provocations on the part of newcomers.

“It is not excluded the fact that the commander of the 36th separate brigade of the marine corps soon will give the order on carrying out acts of provocation and testing of the obtained skills in practice in their area of responsibility,” RIA Novosti quoted Basurin.

On-site training

Experts admit that the arrival of foreign trainers in the region, if the information is true, can indicate possible plans for escalation of the situation. So, the Director of the Centre for strategic conjuncture Ivan Konovalov believes that such a visit might show a change of tactics training of the Ukrainian security forces.”I think what’s happening is that training of employees of VSU and national guard soldiers was carried out in areas far from the so-called ATO. And now they decided to change the format and conduct training in the conditions approached to the fighting. It can be assumed that they will conduct local military operations and sabotage of a nature to check the readiness of their wards. They (the British. — RT) arrival may well intensify the fighting,” — said Konovalov RT.The same opinion adheres and Vice-President of Academy of geopolitical problems Vladimir Anokhin believes that Kiev can plan a major offensive in the region.

“There are a number of factors by which to judge that Ukraine is preparing for full-scale combat operations that may occur in late February — early March. This may be due to the elections in Russia. And that can be a major provocation”, — the expert said in an interview with RT.

In his opinion, in case of success of a possible operation beneficiaries will be the United Kingdom and the United States. If APU fail, the transatlantic partners Kiev will write everything to the authorities, accusing them of provocations, “undermining the credibility of the European Union”.

Foreign support

Note that the UK launched the program of training of the Ukrainian military called Orbital in February 2015. Then she was sent into the country 75 military medics, and a few previously seconded to Ukraine instructors who taught the course of combat and logistics training.

In July 2017, the Orbital was extended to 2018. During this time, training in the framework have been about 6 thousand Ukrainian security forces.

«Это может стать крупной провокацией»: зачем в Донбасс прибыли британские военные инструкторы

British military instructor during a training exercise near Zhitomir ReutersПомимо Britain, will teach the Ukrainians and canadian professionals who come into the country in the framework of the NATO mission Unifer. So, in March of last year it was reported that the APU train 200 instructors from Canada.American experts also help APU. For example, in July 2017, the US spent $22 million to equip military training center near Lviv.

In General, as previously stated in the NPT, on the side of the Ukrainian security forces in Donbass are almost 900 foreign instructors and mercenaries.

“We know about 129 trainers from USA, Canada, Turkey, Algeria, Lithuania, Latvia, Britain, which coordinate the actions of units of the APU,” — quoted by RIA Novosti statement by the command of the Republic.

According to the spokesperson, in addition to the above, about 500 people included in the formation of the “Georgian national Legion” battalion and the Hungarian “Magyar”. He also noted that there is evidence “about the actions of the units of other international private military companies, composed of up to 200 people”.

Russia has repeatedly stressed that the presence of foreign military trainers to Ukraine is not conducive to either building trust or detente.Pauline Duganova, Marianne Chursina

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