That celebrate the Saint-Jean?

Que fêtons-nous à la Saint-Jean?

In this year’s pandemic, the Saint-Jean will not happen normally.

First, it will be done without large gatherings. Quebecers who like to socialize, to celebrate their country will have to stand far away from each other, health security requires.

Then, because we are coming out of a storm of american media, which has occupied our mind-space for a few weeks. We feel the unease among some artists involved in the show which are not far from apologize to be Quebecers.


Consider, however, the problem with a bit of height.

The question is often heard over the years : why should we be proud to be Quebecers ?

The answer should come spontaneously to mind : more than four centuries after our arrival in America, we are still here!!!

And we are not in the way of a minority of folk, but as a people alive and well, who wins in each generation this foolish bet : to maintain its vital difference, basically francophone, to the steps of the most powerful empire of our time.

Of course, our people has had its share of failures.

The failure of independence has hurt our pride. Our people often want to give up. To let down. To angliciser.

But always, throughout history, came the response vital to those who refuse to accept the end of our epic. She comes from a handful of resisters who say no to our assimilation, who get up, who stand up, who accept the insults and the spitting, and who embody the promise of our recovery.


Each time a young soul learns a song of Gilles Vigneault, Félix Leclerc, Louis-Jean Cormier or of Fred Pellerin, Quebec is reborn and comes to life.

The Quebec embodies in its own way the cause of human diversity. And the best way to engage with the world always will be, to finally become masters of our own house.

This will be a beautiful Saint-Jean, in spite of everything.

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