That is to whom he is ready to marry, depending on his Zodiac sign

Вот на ком он готов жениться, в зависимости от его знака Зодиака

Aries wants a wife that is willing to anything

Aries crave adventure, and a partner who is able to keep up with his exciting and adventurous lifestyle. Aries wants to see a strong, independent and ready for any turn of events the woman.

Taurus wants to see his wife had traditional values

Taurus is crazy about feminine, delicate women, who adhere to old-fashioned traditions. No, he doesn’t want his betrothed was a housewife, he wants to bring comfort in their shared house and allowed him to feel her love.

Gemini looking for smart wife

Gemini will prefer a smart woman who can maintain a conversation and not without problems expresses his opinion. Male Twins need a wife who will constantly challenge him and not give him bored.

Cancer wants a wife with strong maternal instinct

Few couples, including partner – Cancer Zodiac sign, live without children. They have a very strong desire to care about who they care about most and to share love with your family members.

Leo needs a confident wife

Leo — big, bold and loves to be the center of attention. He needs a woman who becomes invisible next to him. She must be a great self-esteem, so she was not jealous when her husband, Leo flirts and charms others.

Virgin wants to marry a fair woman

Man-Virgo can’t stand anything fake, so he wants to see an honest woman. Wife, virgin, straight, independent and truthful, without scorn, lack of respect, or anger.

Libra looking for a carefree woman

Libra is looking for harmony and balance, and want their partner avoided confrontation and aggression. They want to see quiet, sweet person. And because the Weights are difficult to determine or have their spouses will be the patience of a Saint.

Scorpio can’t resist a sexy confident woman

Scorpio sverstnitsy and sexy, so they need a partner who has had a similar appetite for sex. If you are not shy when it comes to sex, a male Scorpion wants to communicate with you their fate forever.

Sagittarius wants his bride loved the changes

Sagittarius hates routine, he needs stimulation, it means that he’s looking for new places, new people and constant change. If you show that you adapt and cope with the changes, you will be the perfect party Sagittarius.

Capricorn needs a wife, focused on career

Work is very important for men Capricorn, and he wants his fiancee had the same career as himself. If you are keen on a promotion, you must divide the interest Capricorn: independence, competence, reliability and the ability to solve problems.

Aquarius seeks freedom-loving woman

Man-Aquarius hates traditionalism and conservatism, especially in a partner. He wants someone original and special, including the appearance, actions and thoughts of the partner. What you nestandartnie, the more interesting it is for Aquarius. If your point of view is unique, the Aquarius will be amazed and fascinated by you.

Pisces marry a kind-hearted woman

The man-Fish is a very loving and kind and wants to see the same qualities in your partner. Pisces tend to be compassionate to women who engaged in the rescue of plants, animals or people. Pisces — creative personality and can get lost in their dreams, so they need someone who will accept it and will gently bring them back to reality.

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