That kind of love: one of the Zodiac do not know how to love

Вот такая любовь: кто из Зодиака не умеет любить

Love in romantic novels and in life — are quite different things.

And not only that often we idealize our desires and feelings.

Maybe it’s just that nobody gave a precise and succinct definition of love to someone is first of all passion and emotion, for someone loyalty and devotion, to someone family and children.

Each Zodiac sign has their own idea about love — so, at least, say astrologers.

That would not be disappointed in a partner, their feelings and expectations, read the horoscope of the elect. Certainly, to alter it completely fail, but to understand it, you will succeed for sure. And this is the first and most important step for serious relations.

Gemini 21.05 — 20.06

Undoubtedly, romance.

Bright and passionate. Here only briefly. The problem is that the Twins are exceptional selfish. They used to receive more than give.

Expect from a partner of bright and strong emotions, stormy relationships. However, losing brightness sensations losing interest in the partner.

The only way to keep the Twin next to ensure that it is bright with strong emotions for a long time. Moreover, knowing that the Twin won’t lift a finger to to do something for Your relationship.

Everyday family life, children, family obligations — it does not attract the Aquarius
Be it brighter, be better, more dynamic, more spectacular his — and he will always be with You!

Capricorn 22.12 — 19.01

Deeply and permanently immersed in work, business and their own personal problems.

So deep that in General can rarely find a loved one.

Capricorn could forget that love him. On the symptoms of their feelings, courtship, even enough attention — time and energy Capricorn lacks never.

At times unbearably boring, uninteresting, lack of initiative.

Despite the incredible stubbornness, submissive strong will, strong feelings, strong energy.

Aquarius 22.01 — 18.02

Absolute freedom and independence in the relationship.

Charismatic, charming, witty.

Feelings, passion, emotions — but no commitment, long term relationship, family.

Appreciate your partner, always ready to help, but very quickly grew cold in the relationship.

Aquarius’ll never leave You, but, most of all, his loyalty rests solely on pity and fear to cause You the pain of parting.

Can’t live without bright emotions, and, if You are with him “lucky,” provide him (and yourself) a bright and active life. Then it will not be boring neither for You nor him.

Scorpions 24.10 — 21.11

Unpredictable, sometimes quite harsh and even cruel, fickle and incomprehensible.

Long enough to learn and get used to the person, but then demonstrate a relatively strong feelings.

Often for no reason, and unexpectedly even to himself, the Scorpion is removed, shows strange claims and quibbles — and this is often the cause of quarrels and breakups.

To love and live with Scorpio you need to have exceptional patience. Believe me, they deserve it.

Cancer 21.06 — 22.07

Do not fall in love, or rarely, as an exception.

Cancers long-term relationships are based on respect, devotion, care, family and children..

Strong emotions and turbulent passions from them, You don’t get, however, is the most reliable, honest and dedicated people on earth.

Become a source of emotions and passions — and Your life with Cancer to turn into Paradise.

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