That leads to the appearance of gallstones

Что приводит к появлениям желчных камней

PhD told what to pay attention to not to bring themselves to gallstones

Gallstone disease – metabolic disorders in the body. About 80% of patients have no complaints whatsoever, and the disease is already advanced. Know about it only when there are stomach cramps.

Gastric colic begins in the blockage of the bile ducts, the small calculi or fragment thereof. This causes pain in the right hypochondrium, it lasts for 5-15 minutes. Most often the pain to come in the evening or at night.

90-95% of cases – women, – says the candidate of medical Sciences Alexander Motin. – In older people the risk of disease is much higher.

One of the most common causes of disease – excess cholesterol, plus the violation of the biochemical processes. They can be broken and also infection. The cholesterol saturation of bile is called lithogenic. Of such bile are precipitated crystals of the monohydrate. These crystals form stones in the gallbladder.

Sometimes stones can be dissolved by the preparations of bile acids – ursodeoxycholic and henodezoksiholevoy. But even if you succeed, the dissolution rate is very low., taking medication have for many years. Mainly to get rid of the stones can be just after surgery.


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