That speaks volumes about your character pose in which you sleep

Что говорит о вашем характере поза, в которой вы спите

It’s simple. Look at the picture below and select the basic posture in which to sleep at night.
Что говорит о вашем характере поза, в которой вы спите+

  1. If you can’t sleep, not leaning into something or someone with a knee, then you are a calm and reliable person. It’s not easy to offend and you’re not afraid of the future. Such people are able to smile even in the most severe morning and easy to get used to any changes in your life.
  2. If you mostly sleep in the fetal position, it means that you often need protection, understanding and compassion. Curled up in a dream, if you insulate yourself from the problems of the world. Try to find and use their talents and abilities and draw landscapes, learn to dance, get a blog. If so, sleep your man, cease to terrorize. So if your cat is sleeping — he is a normal cat.
  3. On the abdomen, arms and legs in all directions, sleeping leaders. Such people are impulsive and enterprising, they are sensitive to keep order in the family and at work prefer to plan ahead and do not like surprises. Due to its persistence and responsibility, such people quickly achieve success and prosperity.
  4. On the back of the sleeping saints and kings. It seems that you are among them. You are positive and cheerful, used to be the center of attention and love fun company. You resistant, stubborn, but rational, prefer to tell the truth. Most often the sleeping men, but there are “iron” lady.
  5. If you sleep like a soldier on guard, then you are a balanced person, who has a goal in life and aspires to it. You are rigorous, meticulous and demanding, but most of all the requirements you impose to yourself.
  6. Sleep like a Heron? You unpredictable personality that pulls on all sorts of adventures, and the change of mood sometimes throws around in slight shock. Within minutes of unearthly tenderness can turn into furious scandal and the back. Often it is difficult to make a choice. But in the life and work you prefer stability, peace and neatness.

If every time you sleep in different positions, then you are a multifaceted personality, in which instead of immense.+

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