That we should not have to do in order to speed up the metabolism in the body!

6 habits that slow metabolism

Що треба та не треба робити, щоб прискорити обмін речовин в організмі!

In the human body, everything is arranged for the maximum duration of conservation of energy. That, of course, is contrary to the wishes of many people to lose some extra pounds in a very short time. But there is good news: the knowledge of the laws of metabolism, will help keep your weight, without hassling yourself with strict diets. Sometimes it is sufficient just not to harm natural processes, and correctly to encourage those that help you achieve your goals.
Today I will tell you what habits should break up forever to restore the correct operation of metabolism.

1. Eat Breakfast!Що треба та не треба робити, щоб прискорити обмін речовин в організмі!
The most common habit that slows down your metabolism is to skip Breakfast. Most people think that forgoing Breakfast they’ll lose weight faster, because if you missed one meal, so reduced the quantity consumed per day of calories. Attention! Such a “clumsy” approach is not working. Chemical processes in our body much more difficult than it might seem at first glance. During sleep the metabolic processes are slowed down, but after waking up, the metabolism is restored, and if it is literally to feed the metabolism, it increases by the day. However, in the opposite situation (in case of refusal from Breakfast), releases the stress hormone and the brain thinks that there may be a period of starvation, and all receipts of calories with possible deferred Pro stock. Simply put, most of what gets into your stomach after missing Breakfast instead of to turn into energy will be deposited as fat. It is necessary to you?

2. Breakfast cereal – NO!
It advertised a cocktail of sugar, empty carbs and butter. Benefits from this Breakfast goes to zero, large amounts of sugar in the morning gets in the pancreas, and the absence of protein and fiber affects metabolism, slowing them for the whole day. You will feel more sluggish and sleepy.

3. Quality sleep – the key to success

Що треба та не треба робити, щоб прискорити обмін речовин в організмі!
Many live in a state of constant sleep deprivation that is a stressful situation for the body. Due to lack of sleep produces excess amounts of cortisol, which is responsible for the conservation of energy in the “heavy” for the body times. And all would do were we to live in conditions postapocalypse. But in terms of urban “sedentary” life, hoarding the body only leads to an increase in zhirouloviteli and blood sugar. This means Hello, diabetes, high cholesterol and heart disease. Again, a reason to think.
4. AlcoholThis habit slows down your metabolism by as much as 70%! The explanation is simple: the liver is excretion of ethyl alcohol from the body, but it also needs to secrete hormones and substances to break down fats, but if the liver is “busy” alcohol “routine” function of time is not enough. Want to speed up your metabolism, refrain from alcohol.

5. A sedentary lifestyleЩо треба та не треба робити, щоб прискорити обмін речовин в організмі!
Having read about the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle, people rushed to the gym and once or twice a week do you meditate two or three hour workouts. But the problem is that the other 5-6 days a week they sit. At work, at home in front of computers and TVs, in the Park on the benches with smartphones. And seat of the brain is rest. In moments of relaxation, it automatically slows down the metabolism. Therefore, we recommend breaks every few hours: walking, classes, homework, light but regular charging, and not necessarily early in the morning.
6. Eat the right fats
The human body needs fats, and animals, even in small doses, and vegetable, which are contained in vegetable oils and nuts. That fats contribute to the breakdown of already accumulated sediments and removal of cholesterol.

I hope he was able to convince you of the 6 shows inappropriate habits, not only slow down the process of losing weight, but, in principle, prevent the functioning of our body. Remember: in order to begin to change your life for the better, do not have to wait for Monday.

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