That’s how love Zodiac signs — really spicy!

Вот как влюбляются знаки Зодиака — пикантная правда!

The love will unintentionally appear suddenly…the Feeling of love sometimes comes quite unexpectedly, and sometimes-Matures over the years! It is believed that love is almost impossible to predict…

And all would be nothing if we all, as one not born under the beautiful stars that affect our lives, love, fate. Astrologers have shared with us a very interesting and poignant truth about how to love the signs of the zodiac.

Forewarned is forearmed. Find out more as well I love different signs of the zodiac.


Lights mngovenno like gunpowder from a match, after which he immediately switches to active aggressive actions. As soon as he thinks he’s in love with, immediately inform about it the object of his passion, without feeling any embarrassment. Aries does not even admit the thought that he will refuse.

The girl that caused his interest, Aries would be fun to tell stories about their courage and invincibility, toughness and wealth. If he makes you return sympathy — agree without hesitation, because twice he’s not.

Obstacles in love Aries people just do not notice, but if there are any, try to take them head-on with a running start. Love of Aries is rapid, even centripetal, because if it’s one sided, the suffering he will not, and will immediately be comforted elsewhere.

Aries Woman

This confident lady is also likely to make the first move. She doesn’t like conventions and always wants everything immediately, because it is not able to tolerate and doesn’t like to wait. If she can’t see from the object of his passion of reciprocity, she does not give up immediately, and tries all the available tools — from saucy mini and the hike up to the grandmother for a spell.

Her assertiveness in love can be compared to a tsunami, and its energy will be enough for a small nuclear reactor. Female Aries are not accustomed to sit idly by and sigh! If you want to learn to like her if you do not bother to various cunning strategies.

Just ask her, and if you hear a “Yes” answer, be prepared to plunge into the most stormy whirlpool of the passion.

Man Taurus

Taurus tries to entertain and amuse the girl he liked. Most likely, his jokes are well, very “hairy”. But, if you like it, laugh! And try to make it casual and Flirty. Taurus men really know how to care for ladies in the best traditions. You are waiting for trips to restaurants, cinema, different exhibitions and events, flowers, candy and that kind of joy.

If the “honeymoon” period too long, don’t hesitate to take the initiative in their hands and push your Calf to more decisive action. Of course, if you already have understood that I will create with that person is really strong Alliance.

Taurus Woman

Usually she resorts to classic women’s tricks: carefully choose outfits, cosmetics, perfumes and the most exquisite jewelry that is most advantageous to present it in front of the object of passion. In addition, a Taurus woman is able to Express his admiration for any man. And she don’t even have to say anything — she could just listen to him with such keen sight that he himself will understand.

Another trick in the Arsenal of Chicks — tasty, homemade food. By the way, if you do not plan to connect his life with this woman, it is better not mess. Sooner or later she directly asks you a question — where is the ring?


He can’t break away from any women for a minute. His behavior may even seem like harassment! Once you occupy all his thoughts, get ready for special attention: a constant calls and texts, and its appearance in the most unexpected places, be it your office or even a website that you often visit.

But we should not delude ourselves, because the man tends to think of his love and to endow his chosen those traits that she may not possess. If you are seriously considering to marry a Twin, be prepared to make a careful plan of deliberate actions, this is not the fact that even that you somehow will help.


Tend to give tons of information, as the necessary and unnecessary and talking about everything. Twin sister — the owner of a very broad Outlook, so you will not be difficult to find with it common interests. And if she will set out to prove to you that you have a lot in common, and your meeting is not accidental, then do it with incredible ease in virtually minutes.

The twins are crazy about telephone conversations. Lovers of the Twins to be removed from the tube — well is simply unrealistic. Prepare yourself for the fact that she will constantly call you for no reason. Most likely, she will immediately introduce you to their friends and will want as soon as possible to meet your. Around her constantly a lot of people, she’s fun, but sometimes it can be tiring.

Male Cancer

Family values at this sign in the first place. Therefore his beloved, he tries immediately to demonstrate its beneficial qualities – loyalty, practicality, experience. Most importantly, what you need to convince Cancer is the fact that your with him the views of the family coincide. He can start out even in the process of talking in the kitchen “for life”, carefully finding out how you relate to family, children and farming.

While the Cancer may come around in years. He does not hurry to make a serious offer. But check out how serious his feelings for you quite easily. Give him a job to moderate. On the basis of the speed with which he rushed to comply, you will be able to judge the power of his love.


Cancer woman is a very frugal person. But when she’s in love, she will regret for the object of his affection in the most exquisite dishes of home cooking. So if she worked tirelessly in the kitchen to feed you tasty food you can be sure that she’s in love with you.

It is unlikely that she would speak with you about their feelings. She would languidly sigh and throw in your views, full of admiration, and to breath again… This woman surrounds his chosen truth with care and ensures complete comfort. In addition, it is able to very sensitively react to change of mood of the men and to adapt to it.

Note: at the same moment when she’ll notice that you don’t appreciate her attention, she will become as cold as ice. But the alienation is just her way of protection, she still loves you. In General, it can suffer from many men, because even if it gets really bad, and she believes that it is still possible to correct.

The Male Lion

Imagine the feelings of a Lion quite easy – he brilliantly knows how to take care of any lady. Your other fans may not even try to compete with so gallant a cavalier, and just go to the side.

Usually the lion tries to appear before the object of his passion, a sort of posh man who has no problems and who are not used to count money. All the beautiful gestures from him – the trips to the theater, expensive gifts and good deeds – will be thrown to your legs with exaggerated artistry.

But note that this lion could easily get into such debt that you will have another 20 years after the wedding to pay a lot of credits. So if the man you truly need, you will have time to stop him noble impulses.

The Female Lion

The lioness has interest in men signs of attention like a true Queen. That is, allows him to carry a train and serve in the glasses with drinks. She may look at you as something special, not to oppose your initiative, but this can easily detect some condescension.

She is able to subtly hint what she wants, but asking will never happen. If she says it’s cold outside, you should immediately offer her own garments. If you hear from her that the dark street, immediately offer to walk her home.

In a society Lioness will try to put you in the best light. It might even contribute to your promotion up or raise your credibility. Because you are stronger, nobler and the higher your status, the more attractive you are in her eyes.


He is in no hurry to open up about his feelings not only beloved, but even to myself. Quite a long time he would sneak a glance at you and decide whether you need him on all sides or not. He will gather information, maybe even ask about your mutual friends.

Not only the information, he will try to conduct as many joint events to see you in. If you really are who you say you are? Are you really perfect?

Once he was convinced of this and take an internal decision, he won’t be in front of you and make a confession or a proposal of marriage. Being rejected, it would still be gallantly to take care of you for a few years, hoping that you got to know him and changes her mind.


It will never determine how it actually applies to the person. Moderation, nobleness, correctness — of this behavior it will stick with the object of his love, and worst enemy. However, she is well aware that falling in love with you simply cannot break through the wall of self-restraint.

It is useless to ask her directly, you can run even on a moralistic rebuke. Just take the first step – tell her a compliment or invite, in an inexpensive but cozy cafe.

If you are really in love and want a serious relationship, you can go for broke — give her an expensive gift. Let it be a gold ring or bracelet. If she will take it, be sure it’s yours.


He finds pleasure in the courtship and in no hurry to move on to the next part. Being a secular knight, Libra can give you signs of attention just for the love of art.

It is not easy to figure out who he is having the preference. Most likely, he himself can’t be sure. You have to go to take decisive action and “push” situation. However, be afraid to overdo it: too energetic ladies is able to push him away.

Libras are afraid to take on any obligations. Try not to demand anything from him in an order, but simply to provide events to unfold seems to be the natural course. Your script, of course.

The Woman-Libra

The constellation of Libra governs marriage, and if the man Scale is just not averse to it sucked in mating, the female Libra will constantly focus only on that. The counter of each man she sees as a potential wife, and then either rejects it, or makes to your list.

If, in her opinion, you can not become for her a suitable husband, she just would not love you. Well, if the scales are tipped in your favor, stay.

Balancing between seduction and uncertainty, the woman-Libra focus your mathematical mind on one task — how to get you. She will use all of his diplomatic skills, all your tact and charm to get you first gave her recognition, and she only agreed to your proposal.


His love is so exciting that you will not have any chance to escape. If he chose you, then you immediately know about it. His eyes will entice, promise, seduce – and you will attract like a magnet.

The male Scorpio is always a good psychologist and knows a lot of beautiful words. It will make you unusual compliments, to talk about fate and destiny.

He’s a great owner, and from the beginning it will behave as if you fully belong to him. In addition, he used to win and to succeed, and promptly. So do not be surprised, if you give him a kiss on the day of your meeting.

Scorpion Woman

Fascinate her men strong and worthy opponents. Frank hint or defiant act, she can challenge you. If you are afraid to answer it, I will lose all interest for her.

If you’re too timid, she will cease to respect you. At the same time, if you don’t like her, her “no” really means “no.” So to learn about the woman’s feelings-Scorpion simple – try to kiss her, to begin with, of course, on the cheek.

There is a second method. Tell her, looking in eyes: “You are mine!”. If you were just indifferent to her, now certainly conquer it forever.


It will continually revolve around the object of his love, falling into each step and smiling from ear to ear. On a whim it “brings” even against his will. It can incessantly chattering, hitting you with his erudition and memory.

However, he can suddenly blurt out something like, “I love you!”or “marry me!” and staring at you, her eyes shining. If you feel a reciprocal feeling, it is better to seize the moment and hurry to agree – who knows how long will the Streltsovskoye love.

Rejection will only whet the cheerful Sagittarius. Succumbing to passion, he will try all means to achieve victory. Unless, of course, in the process not to stare at a pretty face – and then all over again!

The Woman-Sagittarius

She laughs especially loudly in response to your jokes? Always in a cheerful mood and offers you a joint venture? Defiantly in the eye and looks fun jokes? This, in General about what does not speak.

Sagittarius — addicting nature, and often falls in love at first sight, absolutely not knowing anything about the person. You can be sure that you are not the first person she offered to climb on Everest or descend into the catacombs. But what’s the difference?

Enjoy her company, expand your horizons, catch the beautiful moments of life together. Often be ready to accept it and do not demand too much of her.


Capricorns love hard. First he tries to ignore his feelings, and then try to suppress it. At this stage, he can be with you emphasized the cold, despite the fact that the passion just consume it.

He needs time to admit to myself that love is settled in his heart. And even after that it still a hundred times to think things through and weigh. To rush it should not — at the risk of sounding him a headstrong lady and a wrong party.

Sometimes male-Capricorn suits your potential bride-to-be different kind of “proverki”. For example, I will try to put you on his knee in the first meeting. If you succumb to it all gone! Women’s accessibility in his eyes incompatible with the dignity of his future wife. So behave yourself and be sensible girl.

The Woman-Capricorn

She doesn’t understand, then spend time in idle flirtation. Despite its straightforwardness, it is not necessary to ask question right in the forehead. Ask her telephone number, escort her home or invite home for tea. If she says Yes is a definite Yes.

Don’t be surprised if she’s the first will offer you to live together, and even rent an apartment. If you’re all clear, what to play up, what to pull? It will even help you gather things and carry them.

This does not mean that it is alien to romance. Write her poems, give flowers, make candle light dinner and you will address her like that chord, which will sound great even tone all my life.


If he will make a Declaration of love, only the most romantic way. He can drive you around some ancient ruins, and then, finally, suddenly decide that the time has come.

Maybe it will push the bright colors of a fading sunset, or a breath of wind, or casually heard the saying a stranger. In his eyes you are part of a world where all are equally valuable to the observer.

Men-Aquarius friendship can easily turn to love. Unfortunately, there is a reverse process. At least you will not be bored!

Aquarius Woman

It is free from the limitations of society and lives by its own rules. When she is in love with, it can seem Intrusive or even cheeky — but it’s not. She just behaves how it feels, directly manifests his condition.

One day you will hear the doorbell ring and find her on the doorstep with two suitcases. She just thought that there’s no need to pretend and suffer without each other. She will use anything of yours without the slightest hesitation, but in return, you get her unlimited love and trust.

However, in another less than perfect day bags and their excellent owner can mysteriously disappear from your apartment — without warning, without explanation.

The Man-Fish

Recklessly falling in love, he initially did not dare even to approach the girl of his dreams. He dreams, writes romantic poems, sad, and sighs. He did not dare to approach Her — to the perfection and epitome of beauty.

Over time, however, he plucks up courage and begin to have spiritual conversations or to talk about how he’s lonely, and his heart yearns for love. He starts to give little gifts – not expensive, but cute and touching, shyly smiling and looking into his eyes.

His indecision and fear of failure do not lead to critical acclaim. Over time it will become sadder. Most of the time that his girlfriend took the situation in his gentle but firm hands.

The Woman-Fish

She always gladly accepts the attention and advances from men. Allow help to wear a coat or make a fallen glove – it’s so feminine! But only in the presence of the object of his love she would blush and hesitate so much that I forget to thank.

If she’s in love, then everything will fall from her hands, and the conversation absolutely will not be glued. It may seem awkward, boring and uninteresting. At night she would shed tears in a pillow, and a day to pour out his heart to his diary.

If you see that you should approach her as close as she’s blushing and averting his eyes becomes quiet or starts to stumble you know what you can offer her a strong male and return to her face the sweetest smile.

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