That’s how the Brits treat vertigo

Ось як британці лікують страх висоти

That’s how the Brits treat vertigo
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Researchers from Oxford believe that most patients can rid Akropol without a long treatment, the therapist, and this is how they propose to do it.

Acrophobia – fear of heights – suffering one in five people in the world. And clinical form of the disease diagnosed in 5% of the population of the globe.

Researchers from Oxford propose to treat acrophobia with virtual therapy. 69% of patients with a severe fear of heights who took part in the experiment, were able to overcome it in several sessions without the intervention of a therapist.

In the experiment, Oxford scientists has agreed to participate 100 people who suffered from an obsessive fear least for 30 years. Half of them were selected in the “group of virtual reality”, another group was considered as control and went in for a routine therapy.

Subjects were exposed to six half-hour test, causing “lifting up the ten-storied house”, “come to the edge” and perform simple tasks – for example, save the cat, or to cross the rope bridge.

As a result, 34 of the 49 participants (69%) settled so much that the doctors were able to remove the clinical diagnosis of “acrophobia”. Unfortunately, two were unable to complete the treatment.

The team from the University of Oxford States that this method can be used for the treatment of other obsessive-compulsive disorder. But most importantly, it is economically more efficient than the traditional expensive the drugstore.

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