That’s how the signs of the zodiac smile financial luck in the week from 18 to 24 June 2018

Вот каким знакам зодиака улыбнется финансовая удача на неделе с 18 по 24 июня 2018 года

You should pay attention to each sign of the zodiac to attract financial good luck for the week from 18 to 24 June 2018.

Thank you so much for such a detailed and sensible tips, it is now more understandable and I decided on a plan of action.

Financial horoscope will help you not only to stay afloat this week, but also to increase their income.

The task of the horoscope for the week is to warn people about what it can expect in the coming seven days. Financial astrological forecast is the best companion on the road to financial stability.

But besides the problems related to energy, people can have the inner qualities that hinder success. It is important to be able to work on all fronts, so as not to lose the thread leading you to victory in business, in business and at work.


Aries this week you happier will help the Sun and Mars. 20, 21, 23 and 24 June, they will be incredibly active due to the presence of positive aspects. Most are lucky these days to the representatives of those professions that require physical exertion. Help the weak and all who are in need of support, then your deeds return to you double the size.

The most dangerous day of the week — Tuesday, June 19. Venus will find a double aspect with Saturn and Uranus. This has a negative impact on your financial success. You might get the impression that everything is hopeless and doomed to failure, but it is not. Problems will come and go, but your self-confidence should remain steadfast.


Taurus will need to exercise the utmost caution in all that concerns work and money 21 and June 24. Mars, your direct antagonist, is these days the most active. Thursday and Sunday you can meet characters from their colleagues and superiors. From major purchases better to abstain. In other days, Mars will also act on you significantly wave.

Venus, your financial backer will be able to interrupt the negativity of Mars, only 19 and June 23. These days you need more time to pay business and activity. You will have the incentive to creative development, may want to find a new hobby, passion. In any case, to realize a dream is much easier than on other days of the week.

Jupiter and Neptune will be very active 19, 20, 21 and 23 June. It’s your planet-enemies, so these days try not to make any purchases, not to travel and not try to solve problems on the job ahead of schedule. Be very careful, especially when handling money. The flames will add the beginning of the retrograde motion of Neptune. Success and luck can to move away from you.

Other days your patron mercury will be able to resist the power of these two planets. It will be more quiet days, but not without some dangers. 18, 22 and 24 June, try to be more in solitude, not to work in a team and to make new acquaintances. For travel horoscope is also unfavorable. But it will be easier to learn and to acquire new knowledge, to raise qualification.


Astrologers say moderate activity of the moon, your patron from Monday to Friday. These days it is necessary to be close to family and friends. At work and in business try as often as possible to take the initiative to find some new sources of inspiration. This is a great time for monotonous and routine work. Your intuition may come to you for help in any of these days, but don’t rely only on gut feeling.

At the weekend the Moon will be in Scorpio, so will lose part of its energy and financial luck will leave after her. Mars, Saturn and Uranus — your planet-antagonists, these days, on the contrary, aktiviziruyutsya. This will strengthen negative output. Try to abstract from the purchases because any spending may be in vain, pointless and just bad. Luck and success in the Saturday and Sunday you are likely to leave, if you really want to risk getting involved in adventures.


To raise money this week will not be easy. 19, 21, 23 and 24 June will be harder for you just because your planets-antagonists will be the most active these days. We are talking about Neptune, Uranus and Saturn. Adaptive capacity will sharply decrease, as well as the ability to appropriate fast decisions. These days specialists of the site suggest not to change their plans, otherwise problems can occur immediately.

If on the weekend the Sun will still somehow fight with the action of your antagonists, then other days he does not do that. On June 20 the Sun is in positive aspect with Jupiter. This will help you to overcome difficulties, anxiety, and worry about any possible conflicts at work. This week is perfect for those who work alone.


Week’s horoscope for Virgos will be broadly successful, with the exception of Sundays. On the last day of this week Venus, negatively influencing your Sign will be in the strong aspect with Saturn. Therefore, 24 Jun should not take crucial decisions. Just try to relax, stop thinking about the financial and operational problems to become happier.

In the remaining days of mercury, your financial Advisor, will have a positive effect on your luck. But astrologers suggest to be more cautious. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday fight mercury and Venus will reach its climax, so do not be surprised in these days of sudden change of mood.


Pluto, Sun and Mars — your planets-antagonists will be active on 20, 21, 23 and 24 June. These days will be the most difficult days for you. On June 20 and 21, the energy of the Fire element is more relevant than ever. This can lead to the appearance of new complexes, vanity, and pride, representatives of your Zodiac Sign. Weekend negative aspects these planets make to reinforce the heavy energy of the Earth element. Rest is productive is extremely difficult, so do not allow yourself to work 23 and 24th.

Of positive days should allocate only on June 19. On Tuesday Venus, your main financial assistant and mentor, will be in a positive aspect with another major planet — Saturn. This day in terms of energy will be stable. To attract what you want in the world of money and Finance will be much easier than usual.


To increase your profit this week will be difficult because of the two important planets — positive Mars negative and Venus. For almost a week, and, more precisely, 19, 21, 23 and 24 June, both planets will be very active and reinforced by aspects with other objects. This will cause you to make decisions becomes extremely difficult. To increase revenue, may not succeed, but to keep it safe you will be.

In the remaining days of the week the situation will be more stable and is shifted toward the positive, because Mars in Aquarius is stronger than Venus in Leo. Mars will take its course, giving you the opportunity to become more productive in business. Your passion and drive will help you overcome all possible obstacles on the path to wealth and happiness.


To change their destiny and succeed in Finance, the Musketeers will help communication with nice people. This will be true throughout the week because positive Jupiter and Neptune will oppose mercury in each day of the week. 19, 20, 21 and 23 June — the most successful days for you. This is especially true Wednesday, when mercury will be significantly weaker team Jupiter-Neptune. Try this day to be as dynamic and unyielding. If need be, show protest and roughness, do not hold back.

Wednesday is the day the positive aspect of Jupiter and the Sun. For this reason, in this day you need to work hard. Productivity archers who are employed in the intellectual sphere, will be raised. On this day, you can safely trust your intuition and try to seek inspiration.


This week only on 19 and 20 June will be days of possible problems and troubles, because you are the antagonist Jupiter will be very strong. He will try to deprive you of inner peace. These days try to avoid conflicts with superiors and colleagues, as well as creative sesta.

Other days will be relevant for you, your mentor Mars who will try to help you to become happier. On June 21 his opposition to Venus will help you with self-expression, so Thursday will be a day of power for representatives of the intellectual professions and creative people. In other days, Mars will contribute to the accumulation and actualization of the physical forces of the body Capricorn. This means that all these days will be the most successful for the athletes and all active occupations. To perform physical work will be easier.


The sun is the main enemy of all Aquarians. 20 June and all weekend it will be extremely strong due to aspects with the planets. Saturday still and Pluto come to the aid of the Sun, making June 23 the most dangerous day of the week. Astrologers try to understand what you really want out of life, because it will be important to set ourselves the right goals. In dangerous days, try not to make purchases and to borrow money in debt.

In the rest of the week Saturn and Neptune, your loyal friends will help you to look at the world from the right angle. 19 and 21 Jun energy of these planets will be enhanced due to proper position relative to the other planets. The positive aspects of your defenders will have on your financial luck, positive action. These will be great days for creative and intellectual work in General.


The fish to protect themselves from negative energy of mercury on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday will be difficult. This planet repeatedly reinforce their action with the element of Fire. These days you can expect conflicts of interests, breaks, business relationships, internal struggle and stress. To Express themselves will be difficult, so try to work more and less to hope for a miracle. Possible betrayal from colleagues and business partners. Buying is also better to postpone.

20 numbers will be a strong Jupiter, and the 24th Venus will be in aspect with Saturn. On Wednesday, it will be easier to overcome the difficulties and excitement, and on Sunday you may be a new source of motivation for financial growth may turn up a new source of income. Do not fight with your ambitions — let them guide you during these two days. Give you the strength of spirit and confidence.

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