“That’s the hero!”: in Zheleznogorsk caught a huge carp

«Вот это герой!»: в Железногорске поймали огромного карпа

In the city of Zheleznogorsk, Krasnoyarsk Krai fisherman caught fishing biggest carp. The process of catching the eyewitnesses captured on camera and posted it on Instagram.

Fish caught in the City lake in the Park of Culture named after Kirov. According to the authors of the video, it had to spend about an hour.

The footage video shows how a giant fish splashing on the hook near the shore. The fisherman releases the fishing pole from his hands, and in the water the two men suggest him a little longer to move some carp in shallow water, so that he lost strength and ceased to resist.

Finally resting grabbed the fish with his hands and pulled ashore by the gills – its length was about a meter. Holding carp man said, the catch is weighed as a large weight and asked his friend to hold her tail as the fish was too heavy.

Friends of the fisherman called him “a hero” and congratulated on the successful renewal of the fishing rod.

Local media reported that the lake had previously launched a small carp, many of which have successfully survived in the pond and grew to large sizes.

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This fish was caught Sunday morning in our lake about ‘Tornado’ ????

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