That’s the kind of women sign waiting for a pleasant event in April 2018!

Вот каких женщин по знаку зодиака ждут приятные события в апреле 2018!

Ladies, get ready!

Despite the action of mercury retrograde April 2018 will surely bring luck to many women. Women more strongly influenced by the moments of the retrograde in the location of celestial bodies.

Also more strongly affect women the slightest change in the position of the planets and other astrological phenomena.

In April, the locations of celestial bodies will create conducive atmosphere for success and positivity for the 5 female signs of the zodiac. These positive changes and pleasant events will affect a particular area of a woman’s life and pull a chain of joyful news.

For women of all zodiac signs April will be a month of rethinking and separating the unimportant from the truly meaningful. Really want to act. However, if you are in the list, do not rush, and give yourself a little time, you’ll feel when the time has come for decisions.

So, who is out of the female zodiac signs April 2018 it will be the most supportive:

For Women Taurus

Will not be areas of life this month you that would not have been favourable developments. A very good month in all. Let go of the past, you will find a new, good future.

For Female Virgins

Women Virgo suddenly feel literally filled with spring activity and new ideas. Don’t waste any minute and do not miss your chance this month-there will be many. A pleasant and unexpected events are waiting for you outside the home.


Women-Scorpions are much overestimated in April and turn wherever they want. April will bring many new roads and these roads will make your life better.


What is important for Women Capricorn in April, so it’s finally distracted from helping all those around you and get a life. In spring Park you’ll find the answers to their questions.

For Female Archers

Love will knock all your doors, dear Sagittarius. Be open, trust, forgive, give voice to their desires and then in April 2018 you will remember for a lifetime as the Month of Love.


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