That’s what happens to your body if you have to work at it every day

Physical activity has an incredible impact. No drugs. No tricks. Just a bit of sport.

Ось що стане з вашим тілом, якщо ви будите тренуватися щодня

“Over time is more and more evidence that the most effective and powerful way to improve the quality and life expectancy are physical exercise,” Dr. mark Tarnopolsky, reports Rus.Media.

Everything is simple: to human health, there is nothing better than physical exercise. No drugs. No tricks. Nothing. Only physical activity can provide you an incredible influence.

Physical exercises improve the function of every organ, strengthen muscles, and body systems as a whole.

According to scientists, there are 10 reasons to daily basis devote time to sports.

Makes you happier

Everyone wants to be happy. And all who do, know that physical exercise makes them happier.

Exercises contribute to the production of happiness hormones — endorphins. Regular exercise also helps to maintain the balance of chemicals in the brain, regulating the levels of stress and anxiety.

Helps prolong your life

Long known that a healthy lifestyle helps to increase the life expectancy. Conversely, a sedentary lifestyle contributes to obesity, disease, and reduces life cycle.

How effective is exercise in this case? According to a meta-analysis of studies conducted in Psychology Today, regular exercise have the same effect on the increase in the length of life as quitting Smoking.

Increases energy levels

Exercise is the real generator of energy, especially for those who suffer from constant overwork, that is, “chronic fatigue”. Even a few exercises (for 20-30 minutes) is sufficient, in order to obtain some benefit.

Your workplace is, perhaps, the best opportunity to improve your level of energy. Take a walk for 10-15 minutes during lunch break. In that case, if the Park or other location for walking to be away, descend and climb the stairs.

Reduces the risk of chronic diseases

Regular exercises contribute to the settlement of blood sugar and blood pressure, strengthen the structure of the body (muscles and weight) and cardiovascular system.

Meanwhile, a sedentary lifestyle leads to a significant increase in abdominal fat, increasing the risk of diabetes of the 2nd type, heart diseases and even premature death.

Promotes healthy sleep

You have trouble sleeping? Go to the gym. The national sleep Foundation (NSF) States that regular exercise improves sleep quality. In order to improve it, you need to do in the morning and afternoon. Workout late in the evening activate the nervous and musculoskeletal system, causing the task to fall asleep can only be complicated.

Raises your self-esteem

Regular exercises help to improve your appearance and raise self-esteem. As a bonus you get a nice sense of accomplishment – especially when the process of training becomes an inherent habit.

“Self-esteem”, “confidence”, call it what you want, you will be able to improve, regularly allocating time for physical activity.

Reduces stress

As already mentioned, the exercises help to release endorphins, which are also known for their ability to reduce the level of stressful tension. Exercises stimulate the brain to focus on the task. This is a potent agent, which does not allow stress to build up inside you.

Exercises improve cognitive function

Exercises make your heart beat faster, which in turn improves blood flow and oxygen to the brain. And more: neuroscientists have found that sports help to increase density in the hippocampus – part of brain responsible for learning and memory.

Reduces the level of pain

Studies show that physical activity has “beneficial effects on the reduction of pain caused by various conditions.” Under these conditions means pain in bones and joints, chronic pain in back and shoulders, fibromyalgia… just to name a few. In addition, exercises help to increase pain threshold and decrease pain perception.

Improves your sex life

Regular exercise helps strengthen the cardiovascular system, improves circulation, tones muscles and increases flexibility.

As mentioned above, systematic exercises raise your self-esteem. All these factors explain why exercise help to improve sexual life.

All the above evidence that physical exercise is the best thing you can do for your body and mind.

So, why don’t people exercise? Well…

Many of us come up with all sorts of excuses – and they are all unconvincing.

The solution is very simple:

— Do something exciting that will make you sweat (basketball, tennis, exercise with weights, etc.);

Do this for 30 minutes every day for a month.

— If you can survive and you will do the exercises for 30 days, resistance you once felt will disappear and you will feel much better!

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