That’s what verb suits you best Zodiac sign

Вот какой глагол больше всего подходит вам по знаку Зодиака

As far as possible to describe each zodiac sign in one verb? What is the typical effect is inherent in each sign, and most clearly characterizes it?

Check if it was really so, even though you previously thought about it at all and not looking at ourselves.

1. Aries – “protect”

Sometimes the sign seems to others a little aggressive, but the Rams tend to defend everything and everyone around him, and not to attack. Often a typical Aries subconsciously feels discomfort if he is not in the process of active assistance to fix problems in other people. This sign can be seen as a kind of knight, always quick to help and not afraid to fight.

2. Taurus – “specify”

If Taurus is not telling everyone around about how to behave, what is right and what is not, or why you have to listen, that he’s probably just sleeping. Alas, but to give valuable guidance and unsolicited advice – this is typical behavior of Bulls who believe that all their actions are for the good, but it’s not enough to listen and even less to appreciate their efforts.

3. Gemini – “change”

Gemini is the several different people in one person, adoring any changes and they are constantly initiating. Change is the essence of the Twins, and they are not only not afraid, but enthusiastically welcomed even if they do not promise anything good. If in your environment there is at least one Gemini, be prepared for a rollercoaster and a whirlwind of initiatives and aspirations, something to modify and correct.

4. Cancer – “nest”

The existence of a typical Cancer like living inside a warm and thick blanket is for him the embodiment of peace and comfort. Everything that is associated or reminds a cocoon of heated – this is for them, and in all aspects, both in family and in work, and in any relationship. Their favourite action to nest, and then build their nest and to dissociate it from all over the world.

5. Leo – “to seduce”

They say, among the actors most of all it is to the city as attracting fans, getting compliments and a fair share of worship and adoration – it is something without which no self-respecting lion live not. They need to conquer, to entice and force to fall at their feet in awe, leonine ego will be satisfied, and the soul will come peace and tranquility.

6. Virgo – “do”

The eternal question is a typical Virgo: “maybe I could do more?”. This sign business is always paramount, even if such labor hyperactivity can lead to nervous breakdown, burnout and mental exhaustion. Yes, this is the most hardworking, productive, tenacious and adventurous zodiac sign, which in one day is clearly more hours than others.

7. Libra – “balance”

This sign is always concerned with the question of balance and the ability to find and then to keep the balance – Scales literally obsessed with it. Their internal and external world are demanding sustainable, and “scales” in any case, don’t even wiggle. Worst of all, it is the balance of the Scales can exist with completely different polarity, where the pros compensate for the cons and Vice versa: a terrible man, but a great comrade, best friend in the world and the irresponsible employee.

8. Scorpio – “intrigue”

Having a Scorpion among his entourage, you probably know their superpowers to plotting and intrigue. Sometimes it’s just fun and sometimes leads to conflicts and misunderstandings. People-Scorpions can be called the modern witches and wizards in them rages a hidden, dark energy and the unconscious desire to create chaos and confusion under the guidance.

9. Sagittarius – “move”

Sagittarius always incredibly difficult to stop in its endless movement and communication. Even their social media posts are always wordy and verbal turnovers abound, of details. They are not interested in what limits their freedom, peace and stillness for Sagittarius almost fatal.

10. Capricorn – “scramble”

Whether you love the mountain tops as I love them Capricorns? Tops in all respects. This sign is invariably looking for the next level, and if life were a video game, the Capricorns you were confident Champions. Overcoming obstacles on the way up – this is their main vital stimulus, and movement that they will not stop ever, even if the road will manage to hurt or to injure yourself.

11. Aquarius – “to appease”

Aquarians love to reassure, to encourage and nurture, as well as to smooth out the rough edges and soften the hard situation. This desire makes people-Aquarius personalities somewhat romantic and overly humanistic. The ideal world of Aquarius is an environment in which everything, everything people see in each other only the good start and eventually become associates and friends. Sounds a little utopian, but at least in the perception of the world Aquarius do not agree.

12. Fish “feel”

If you say Fish at least one compliment or nice thing, they are literally overflowing with emotions and almost tears. This sign lives solid feelings and emotions and feels the world is only at this level that turns him into a very tonkonogi and vulnerable creation. It is because Pisces often prefer to hide in your shell, so that the world wouldn’t hurt them.

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