That’s when you can get behind the wheel after a feast

Tip for drivers.

Ось коли можна сідати за кермо після застілля

Family celebrations, meetings with friends and workers parties often can not do without alcohol. What to do if you come to an event like that on your car? Of course, to leave the iron friend until the morning in the Parking lot and go home by taxi. But sometimes you just have to wait until the ill-fated alcohol finish to scoff at the body.

We will tell, through what period of time you can get behind the wheel of a car after drinking alcohol, not to harm themselves or others.

The norm of alcohol in blood

Inspectors of traffic police are taking action around the clock, especially during public festivals, when people tend to drink something stronger, and do irresponsible people manage to get behind the wheel drunk. The result of the indifferent attitude of such people happen fatal car crashes and falling of fate, and all for a simple reason — abuse of alcohol and overconfidence.

Ось коли можна сідати за кермо після застілля

Numerous effects caused by the intake of alcohol, negatively affect the speed of reaction and decision-making. Under the influence of alcohol the brain activity slows down, grows nervous, and impossible to fully control their own actions. Accidents involving drunk drivers occur far more often and it’s sad.

And here is a good example of how different the concentration of alcohol in the blood affects the ability to drive:

  • 0,2–0,3 promille alcohol in the blood significantly slow down the reaction. In this state it is difficult to assess the speed with which moving light sources, the distance to them and their size.
  • At 0.5–0.8 ppm, and is 1 liter of beer or 120 ml of vodka, the visual function slows down, eyes slowly adapted to the different types of lighting and to a lesser extent perceive the color red.
  • A large amount of alcohol narrows the angle of view, and the driver does not monitor what is happening around.
  • The use of 2.5 l of beer or 300 ml of vodka (1,2 ppm) usually results in complete loss of the ability somehow to control the car. If others are lucky, a reckless driver crashes into some post during attempts to leave the place of drinking.
  • Blood more than 5 ppm of alcohol is officially considered a lethal dose!

It is known that alcohol is excreted from the body is not as fast as we would like. This difficult process can take from 4 to 16 hours, and even more! It all depends on gender, weight, amount of food eaten and the individual metabolism.

Ось коли можна сідати за кермо після застілля

If at the time of drinking the person does not absorb food, the stomach is empty, alcohol is not stagnant in it, and immediately sent in the intestine, absorbed into the blood and very quickly disappears. That is, in such a situation, the person quickly gets drunk and just as quickly sobers up.

And if you firmly bite and washed down everything with a glass of alcohol, the alcohol remains in the stomach along with the food will not digest. That is, the process of intoxication comes not so quickly, and the time of alcohol elimination from the body increases significantly.

Ось коли можна сідати за кермо після застілля

Keep in mind that the unit of the inspector of traffic police does not analyze blood, and exhaled air. It happens that in the blood no alcohol, but the breath he defined. If you rinse your mouth with vodka, for example, breath alcohol would be another 20 minutes, the same applies to alcohol and drugs.

A tolerance of 0.2–0.3 ppm is not a gift of negligent drivers from the state, but only the possibility to avoid errors in determining the amount of alcohol in the body.

Ось коли можна сідати за кермо після застілля

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