That’s why he just goes away from you and he have the courage to go back there again

Вот почему он так просто уходит от тебя и ему хватает смелости снова вернуться

Do not rejoice, when he begins again to write to you, skipping the apologies, explanations and all the right words that would have had to say.

Don’t fall for it and don’t give him your time and attention, privileges that he didn’t deserve, just because he decided that “now I want it.”

About a person all at once becomes clear when he goes. And if he goes, let him go forever.

This does not mean that we should not forgive him to hold a grudge. Because you deserve peace and apology.

But sometimes an apology doesn’t change what has already happened, and sometimes people come back with an apology, because they feel guilty for what he did. But it has nothing to do with you.

Let him live with his guilt. Because you lived with pain after he left. And it probably was inexplicable and unjustified. People who abruptly leave, often it and come back.

But you deserve someone who doesn’t need to go to understand that he wasn’t supposed to do that.

You deserve someone who is aware of what you’re worth. But you must understand this, to understand what you stand for and what kind of man you deserve, and what not.

Because you don’t deserve someone who comes and goes. The one who goes missing and then appears as if nothing had happened. With the message “Hello, how are you?”. Or that he missed you. But it’s not. He missed you and how high was his esteem with you.

Maybe he was just wondering if you’ve changed. Maybe he’s just testing you.

The people who come and go, watching you without respect. For them you just call.

If you answer, it will show him that you’re still caring. And it will pamper his ego.

But the main reason why someone just can come back into your life, that you allow him to be.

And although you’re kind and generous, some people do not deserve such treatment.

Maybe you miss him too. Maybe you also interesting. But you shouldn’t miss someone who does not believe in you.

If someone is hurting you, he doesn’t deserve a second chance. It should not come back into your life again and put her at risk.

Don’t open the door again, which you tried so long to close.

You may think that this time things will be different. But let me save you some time and save you from disappointment. Such people, who are constantly coming and going, will do it until you will allow.

And the result is always the same. And you’ll be angry at myself for again took it.

Sometimes “sorry” doesn’t give you the ending you’ve been waiting for. Sometimes “sorry” is just a word that someone says, just to feel better.

Sometimes “sorry” begins and ends with the man in the mirror, to forgive yourself for what you let the same people in my life who only cause you pain every time you give them a chance. You don’t deserve it.

Insanity is doing the same thing and expect a different result.

If you want me in your life something has changed — don’t answer him.

When he walks away from you, it’s his decision. When he returns, it’s your decision. And you have to decide yourself because only then will you get what you deserve.

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