That’s why you shouldn’t warm up your car in winter

A long-standing habit to warm up Your car in winter before you drive off, can cause more harm than good. Let’s see what the warming up of the car can be harmful.

Ось чому ви не повинні розігрівати свій автомобіль взимку

When it’s cold outside and you need a ride to your destination, the only solution to combat the cold is to warm up the car. Just run it for a few minutes before heading out on the road, giving your cabin and the engine time to warm up before heading out on the road. Plus, it has to be useful for your engine, right?

Wrong! Warming up your car in the winter before driving you do harm to the engine. According to “Popular Mechanics” to drive a car immediately after institutions are the fastest way to warm your engine, and in fact to continue his life instead of allow it to warm up before the trip, informs Rus.Media.

The explanation for this has to do with how modern internal combustion engines. Allowing your car to warm up, in your car, in fact, there is that extra fuel gets into the combustion chamber, which can get on the cylinder walls. Since gasoline is a great solvent, too much, that gets on the cylinder walls will dissolve the oil that lubricates your cylinders, which leads to a reduction of the service life of critical engine components.

Driving a car will warm it rather than idling

Of course, sitting in a cold car brings no solace. Although driving your car will actually warm up your engine much faster than idling, however, it means that you will spend a period of time in a cold vehicle. And it also means a fight with the frost on the car Windows, before they warm up. Fortunately, you can easily defrost the Windows, which provides a variety of tools.

Why do people warm up their car?

So if warming up your car in the winter is actually harmful for your engine, why people do it in the first place? According to USA Today, this practice comes from the use of cars with carburetors – fuel injection, which was preceded by injection, which required preheating. Some people have to wait up to ten minutes before you even get in the car, considering it safe enough to drive with a warmed up engine. However, cars and technology has changed dramatically since the 1960-ies, which means that this old practice is no longer necessary.

Instead, just give the engine a minute and start with an easy ride. It is obvious that from to go on the road at high speed is not a reasonable solution, but the slow ride will help warm up your engine faster than you might think.