The 10 commandments of wise women — how not to annoy a man

10 заповедей мудрых женщин — как не надоесть мужчине

Very wise advice! Basically, I stick to them-they are very help our relationship.

Each pair goes through a series of crises in his life. Everyday life is fraught with many challenges. Life dulls the once very strong feelings…Petty disagreements destroy even a very strong relationship…

How to keep good relations with the beloved man for many years and not annoy each other?

As not to bore the man — read these 10 rules, they just make your life together much more pleasant.

1. Don’t you preach.

We women love the drama and monologues. Yeah, yeah, we just love those endless conversations with our partner as a passive spectator! Sometimes it lasts for hours, the same argument is repeated again and again. We complain that he looked at another woman, was late, forgot to call, not able to listen to…

2. Do not limit him in space.

If you complain that while you want to be with him 24 hours a day, he prefers to go on Sunday for football, watch a sports program and to go for a drink with friends … then the problems you create. The worst female mistake is the desire that the world revolved around us, the complete elimination of the desires and needs of other people.

3. Don’t try to change it.

If you met a decent man — someone who makes you feel happy and complete, do not try to change it. Because we love someone for who he is, not because he is perfect. If, in your opinion, partner need some changes, it would be better, as painful as it was to let him go in search of someone who will love him for who he is and to do the same.

4. Don’t be monotonous.

Take the initiative from time to time to break the routine and indulge in adventure. Let it be a trip to some heavenly place, visit exhibitions, walk in the Park or new games in bed.

5. Don’t push it.

Don’t call him every 5 minutes. It is very difficult to maintain relationships where one person depends on another. Women, as a rule, depend more than men from their partners, both economically and morally. Make a stop in your life, because you are able to achieve their own goals, starting with paying energy bills or to buy the disc, ending with the exit to the city to have some fun or find interesting work.

6. Don’t be jealous.

Jealousy is a demonstration of insecurity. Not necessarily to spy on the partner to ensure his fidelity. Don’t go through his pockets, electronic mail, mobile phone, it’s not worth it. Also try not to control his looks and gestures.

7. Do not impose on my friends.

Don’t press him, urging to take part in the ladies ‘ events. If you want to go to a cafe with a friend, visit a hairdresser or manicurist, do not take it. Don’t let yourself and your friends to share with him the latest news about celebrities, the best diets and exercise, fashion.

8. Don’t make him go shopping.

Men used to go to target and buy what your looking for. Don’t offer him to go shopping every time you ask his opinion while shopping, it will give the same answer: “You” (and all for the sake of a hurry to leave).

9. Don’t ask what’s going on.

Don’t interrupt the silence if his mind was busy with something, leave partner alone. Don’t bother with questions: “what do you think?” “What’s the matter?” and so forth. In most cases nothing happens or at least if you’re going to put pressure on the partner, he still will not tell you anything.

10. Don’t keep him waiting.

Nothing so annoys a man as to wait for three hours until his woman will choose a adequate outfit, makeup, and perfume.

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