The 10 worst things were considered beautiful in different countries

2017-10-13 18:31

The 10 worst things were considered beautiful in different countries
There is no single standard of beauty, the main proof — traditions of the peoples of the world.

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They in all the years dictate to the fashion-how to look. In this article we will talk about the most unexpected forms of beauty that have ever occurred on earth, reports Rus.Media.

1. Intricate eyebrow, Ancient China

In ancient times in China it was decided to remove the eyebrows and instead draw a new, rather bizarre.

2. Tattoo smiles, ethnic group Ainu

In nation, which lived on the territory of modern Japan and Russia had a tradition to tattoo a smile on his face. Women believed that it helps to marry well, and in the afterlife to find peace.

3. Long chapters, a number of Nations around the world

Artificial elongation of the head was popular in several Nations around the world: the Italians, the Sarmatians, the Indians, the Maya, and certain tribes in Africa.

4. Black teeth, Ancient Japan

Tradition, ohaguro lasted in Japan until the late 19th century. Teeth Japanese ink not only for the sake of beauty, so in the body she made up for the lack of iron.

5. The lack of eyelashes, Medieval Europe

In medieval Europe, hair was not held in high esteem. Eyelashes and eyebrows mercilessly removed a lot of fashionistas of the time. Most likely, the fashion began in the background, then virumaaskogo rickets. Someone from the aristocracy turned that accompanied this disease, the hair loss in the chip, and the other repeated.

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6. Long nails, Ancient China

The rich from China had a tradition to grow long nails that symbolized wealth, they say, with such claws barely work.

7. Face tattoos, the Maori population

In addition to the bodies, the men covered their faces pattern completely, and the women put the pattern on the chin, upper neck and lip.

8. Beefy male calves, Europe

In the 18th century in Europe, women were hiding legs under long skirts, and men, conversely, put them out on display, dressed in tights.

9. Pagan tattoo, the Balkans

Having met in the Balkans grandmothers with tattoos, don’t be surprised. Rather, it is the patterns that date back to the pagan past of the Balkan Slavs and the value of talismans.

10. Nose piercing, India

In India from ancient times to the present day there is a tradition to pierce the nose, and often a single puncture not the only one. Usually a nose ring connected by a chain with ornaments, threaded into the ear.