The 14th season of “Supernatural” will be one of the shortest in the history of the series

14 сезон «Сверхъестественного» будет одним из самых коротких за всю историю сериала

Unexpected and exciting news for fans of “Supernatural”: it became known that the new, 14-th season of the series will be one of the shortest in its history.

Those who watch “Supernatural”, are used, in every season there are 23 series. But the next, 14 the season will be shortened, albeit not by much – it will be 20 episodes. In short, for almost all the fourteen years of the existence of “the Supernatural” was only a 3 season because of the writers ‘ strike that “crippled” Hollywood, it was only 16 episodes.

The reason why the CW suddenly decided to shorten the new season of “Supernatural”, not announced, and representatives from CW to comment on this decision have refused. Perhaps some clarity will make a panel of “Supernatural” at the upcoming Comic-Con in San Diego (it will be held from 19 to 22 July). The series will return October 11, 2018.

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