The 2018 world Cup in Russia: wild boar-psychic has made a surprise prediction

ЧМ-2018 в России: кабан-экстрасенс сделал неожиданное предсказание

The boar ate four apples, thus indicating future semifinalists.

Boar-a psychic named “Mystical Marcus” who lives on a farm in one of the English towns and is famous for the fact that it is not wrong in their predictions, predicted the semi-finalists for the 2018 world Cup.

This writes the “Metro”.

ЧМ-2018 в России: кабан-экстрасенс сделал неожиданное предсказание

The procedure was as follows: before the boar laid the apples on the flags of different countries. The boar ate four of them, with the flags of Belgium, Argentina, Nigeria and Uruguay. These teams, as predicted by Marcus and will make it to the semifinals of the 2018 world Cup.

ЧМ-2018 в России: кабан-экстрасенс сделал неожиданное предсказание

The commentator blew the world Cup in Russia.

Ukrainian sports journalist Vadim skichko spoke about the broadcast of the world Cup 2018 held in Russia.

“To go to Russia, if you have a passport with a Trident, it is not desirable. And you can watch live — this is each chooses himself. I personally will not watch. Here the question is more civil position,” — said skichko on “Public”.

The commentator said that football may not be beyond politics, because the players under the flags of their countries.

“Sport is a great platform. This is an opportunity for dictators to show their more positive side. Not from the torture and murder,” added skichko.

He supported the decision to ban broadcasting of the world Cup in Ukraine.

The world Cup in Russia and the scandals around him.

In 2010 Russia won the right to hold the 2018 world Cup. After the scandal with the former President of FIFA Sepp Blatter (accused of corruption) has appeared that Russia won the vote fair.

In addition, just before the world Cup, a number of countries, including UK, Iceland, Poland, Australia and others, announced a diplomatic boycott of the world Cup. The leaders of these countries will not come to Russia as the official guest.

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