The 65 years and over are adults

Les 65 ans et plus sont des adultes

In an effort to demonstrate his willingness to take extraordinary means in the area of public health, the manager of a concert hall has suggested a measure which is to react : to prohibit the access to the ” elders “.

Quote from the Newspaper of yesterday : “Since these are persons over 65 years of age who are most at risk, Patrick Lévy suggests not to admit them to the shows. “In the first reading, I felt a huge discomfort. After reflection, I see it as an issue of substance.

First, I said that I did not attack the author. I don’t doubt his good faith in wanting to find solutions to survive. He simply suggested ideas that seemed to be in line with the instructions many times repeated in the course of the last few weeks.

Nevertheless the result is unthinkable. The reopening of the theatres and banning people 65 years of age and older. Of free adults, who would be deprived of the right of access to a public place, private access to the entertainment.

This proposal raises two questions more broad.

  1. This pandemic would she be pushing the seniors on the sidetrack of the company ?
  2. An adult of 66, 70 or 75 years of age with all his faculties should he be the master of its decisions regarding risk-taking relative to his health ?

Way garage ?

On the subject of the retirement of the seniors, I will allow myself to recall the number of voluntary organizations that were based almost entirely on the contribution of the pensioners until last march. People active, alert, and in good health despite a few injuries, which rendered valuable services.

I shall also recall that the baby-boomers retirees represented a contribution to the economy. The theaters, the restaurants, the tourism industry, even sports, they all treated themselves to the money left in the business by this generation that still has plenty of projects.

The COVID-19 has marked a time of judgment in the lives of these seniors. They are bent, by understanding the logic of public health. But they have the firm intention to begin to live them also-and it should certainly not prevent that.

Responsible for yourself

This is the other issue. Personally, I am convinced that the people of 65 years and more, should be able to decide for themselves, once the first wave of containment in the past. The containment is a measure of collective protection to avoid the worst, to avoid that the health system is overwhelmed. The seniors have entered.

However, in the resumption of activities, we will spend in the mode of individual decisions. An older person is an adult capable of assessing his own situation of health, to discuss it with his doctor and then decide.

If sir or madam puts on his mask and feels ready to go to the restaurant or in an auditorium, it will be necessary to enforce this.

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