The 7 most fashionable. 2018: best ideas

Hollywood opal, rose and BlackBerry honey blonde hair color.

7 наймодніших фарбувань 2018 року: найкращі ідеї

Girls love to change their appearance and if you cut the curls, they fear, and not particularly eager, they make it much more likely. And what young lady does not want to make your looks sparkle and become a little brighter. This time we decided to tell you about a fashionable coloration, which you probably heard. However, in the world of fashion there are new trends and keep up with them is sometimes quite difficult. Today we will tell you what Hollywood opal shades of blonde relevant in this year, the news informs Rus.Media.

Hollywood opal

Hollywood blonde-a classic still in Vogue, but this season it takes on a special, almost mystical glow. To fashion perelivayuschiesya opal is not so easy: it involves lighting not less than 10 colors and a mix of pastel rainbow hues, which create the effect of flowing glowing strands.

For this color, you will need to go to a good master who will assess the condition and structure of your hair and will recommend you particular technique of dyeing. And recommend further care to capricious opal glistened as long as possible.

Beige-gold and honey blonde

7 наймодніших фарбувань 2018 року: найкращі ідеї

This is an option for those who are tired of platinum ash blondes that have invaded the catwalks and pages of glossy in 2017. And the hair should be given a break. Darkening blond on a couple of shades, you will be at the peak of style, if you choose your beige-Golden or honey color.

Pink-honey blonde

7 наймодніших фарбувань 2018 року: найкращі ідеї

Another color — the answer to ubiquitous in 2017 pink hair. Warm strawberry tones look more natural and soft. Besides, to experiment with them, do not have to use permanent paint. You can start with toning shampoos or conditioners to determine pink and honey shades of your outfit.


7 наймодніших фарбувань 2018 року: найкращі ідеї

This is one of the hottest trends of the season. That, however, it is not surprising, if we recall that close to it ultraviolet light called the color of 2018, according to the Pantone Institute. Deep and mysterious BlackBerry better plays in the format monocolory=-0 (so it can look unnatural and even boring), but as an element of one of the techniques of coloring, such as Ombre.

If you’re ready for bold and original solutions, “BlackBerry” can rhyme with an extra bright color to your taste.

Caramel Ombre

7 наймодніших фарбувань 2018 року: найкращі ідеї

Deep dark shades — another feature of this season. Individual strands of the dense color of caramel is a brilliant way to give this depth, a little lighter. It doesn’t matter what hair color: caramel Ombre looks good on black, and rusavia.


7 наймодніших фарбувань 2018 року: найкращі ідеї

Here is the color that replaced the fashion in 2017 and pink. Colorists jokingly call this trend the effect of Donald trump. At first glance, the idea is to get orange hair seems terrible, but it is not necessary to dye your hair in one tone. Orange Ombre, Shatush or retain a more neutral (socially acceptable) color of the main mass of hair, and the bright strands give the image a twist.


7 наймодніших фарбувань 2018 року: найкращі ідеї

More vivid color for the most daring. In 2018, on the peak of fashion return of red shades. And not in a restrained format type of “mahogany,” and in the most succulent of its manifestations.

As in the case of other key colors of 2018, do not have to be painted in one shade. The most stylish option is the use of red as part of one of the most popular dyeing techniques: Ombre, Shatush, balaju. What to choose, let you tell the stylist: brightness requires a professional approach.

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