“The absent cabaret” awaits the presence of the public

    “The absent cabaret” awaits the presence of the public


    Despite the half-light instilled by the state on the world of culture, the directors are still turbulent. Such is the case of François Cervantes, author of this play created from the episode of the rescue of the Théâtre du Gymnase in the 1980s.

    At the Théâtre du Gymnase, François Cervantes awaits the start of rehearsals, while actors are preparing on stage. And this, within the framework of Absent cabaret, which should have been played in public from January 19. A ” fable »Taking as its starting point the very real story of the rescue of the Théâtre du Gymnase in the 1980s by the American businessman and patron Armand Hammer. In 1980, when Gaston Defferre was mayor of Marseille, the Théâtre du Gymnase was doomed to abandonment and destruction.

    Flows of cities, theater

    The city councilor ” wants to build an oil site and invites the director of the company Occidental petroleum, the American billionaire Armand Hammer. He asks to visit the Gymnasium Theater. Because he tells him that in 1897, his parents, Russian Jews, fled the persecutions on a boat from Odessa, headed for the United States and made a stopover in Marseille. One day, caught by a thunderstorm, they take refuge under a balcony and enter the Gymnasium Theater which hosts a performance of The Lady of the Camellias. In the boat, they make love, the woman becomes pregnant and gives birth to this little boy whom she calls Armand, as in The lady with the camellias ”, recalls François Cervantes. The fictional part of Absentee cabaret begins immediately after funding for the restoration of the theater by Armand Hammer. The scene abandons its institutional existence and becomes a ” house-theater where people can find shelter, warmth and where there is daily programming », He specifies, about this creation which« portrays large cities and theater life in these large cities. It’s an alternation of numbers, but also of the artists that we follow », He summarizes.


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