The action “yellow jackets” was the smallest since the beginning of protests

Акция «желтых жилетов» стала самой малочисленной с начала протестов

Saturday’s action of the “yellow jackets” in France was the smallest since the autumn of last year, according to TASS.

According to the interior Ministry, in total across the country, demonstrations were attended by 18,9 thousand people, in Paris, the event attracted 1.4 thousand. This is the lowest turnout since the start of protests in November last year.

In Paris, demonstrators called for social rights of Junior medical staff, and to support people who do not have access to medical services, and climate change.

Last week took to the streets 23.6 thousands of demonstrators across the country, of which 2.6 thousand – in the French capital.

Mass began performances may 1, which was attended by 164 thousand people. May day demonstration in Paris ended in clashes with police.