The advantage of Plant caught up by a lack of experience

Le parti de Plante rattrapé par un manque d’expérience

Forced to expel a second mayor of the district of his caucus, the party projet Montréal is the victim of the inexperience of some of its elected representatives, believes an analyst of the municipal stage.

Last Friday, the mayor of Montreal, Valerie Plant, expelled the mayor of the borough of Côte-des-Neiges–Notre-Dame-de-Grace, Sue Montgomery, of his party.

Yesterday, the dispute escalated when Mrs. Montgomery spoke of a command policy.

According to the professor of the University of Quebec at Montreal in municipal management and metropolitan Danielle Pilette, this last episode reveals” inexperience “policy.

Projet Montréal came to power for the first time at the end of 2017, in which to elect 11 mayors of the 19 boroughs.

Four of them have made headlines since for their behavior controversial or because they have resigned (see below).

Among them, only the ex-mayor of the Plateau-Mont-Royal, Luc Ferrandez was a veteran of the policy.

Training and disappointment

“We are in the presence of inexperienced people. It makes things more difficult, ” says Ms. Pilette. In this party, it seems that the emphasis is on the political agenda and that it does not provide sufficient administrative training to the elected officials. ”

It recalls in particular the case of Giuliana Fumagalli, also expelled after an investigation of harassment.

“[The elect] have the impression that the employees assigned to their district are their own, ” notes the analyst.

In fact, these employees are under the jurisdiction of the director-general of the City.

According to many sources, the policies consulted by our Bureau of investigation, the inexperience and the lack of interest in the municipal of Mrs. Montgomery was a source of disappointment to the office of Mrs. Plant.

“There was a disappointment deep compared to Sue “, we said a source.

Lack of knowledge

In an interview yesterday, Ms. Montgomery confirmed that members of the cabinet of Valérie Plant him had expressed.

“I told them that senior officials were blocking me and told me that I was asking too many questions “, she reported.

But shoving the officials is very difficult, ‘ recalls Danielle Pilette.

“There are officials who are very experienced who are holding on to their ways of doing things,” she said.

The leader of the opposition at Montreal City hall, Lionel Perez, who is also elected in this borough, has spoken of a “lack of knowledge of municipal life” on the part of Ms. Montgomery.

“This is not going to war with the public service that we are going to move [things],” said Mr. Perez.

Mayors of projet Montréal, who have been making waves

Luc Ferrandez

The mayor of Plateau-Mont-Royal has left his position by surprise in the spring of 2019. He blamed in particular to Valerie Plante and his team do not ask enough firm action to save the environment.

Giuliana Fumagalli

Elected under the banner of projet Montréal in 2017, Ms. Fumagalli has been expelled from the party after being targeted by an investigation of the comptroller general in 2018. She had outburst of anger and insulted several municipal employees.

Philipe Tomlinson

The mayor of Outremont has been the subject of a complaint to the Commission municipale du Québec to have dealt with citizens of the ” peanut gallery “, that could be translated by managers of platform. His team also wanted to give themselves the right to prevent citizens from attending the borough council, before backing up.

Sue Montgomery

The comptroller general of the Ville de Montréal has concluded that his chief of staff was the “psychological harassment” against two employees. According to the internal report, the mayor of Côte-des-Neiges–Notre-Dame-de-Grâce has made the” wilful blindness ” in this folder.