The advice of doctors: how to lower blood sugar without medication

Doctors told how to reduce the sugar level in the blood without any drugs.

Порада лікарів: як знизити рівень цукру в крові без ліків

One of the most widespread diseases in the world – diabetes of the second type. The disease is very severe and the only cure for him, despite progress in medicine, is insulin. However, doctors have found it possible to reduce the blood sugar levels without medication, informs Rus.Media.

Patients with diabetes type II diabetes can have serious health problems, even death. However, doctors have found ways to increase the blood sugar level without medication.

One of the main ways is a natural human activity and even your job can have the same effect on blood sugar as exercise. However, experts suggest that it is best for a patient with diabetes, combined aerobic and high-intensity interval training exercises with weights.

In addition, you need every day adhering to a proper diet, which will help keep the correct level of blood sugar. In particular, doctors recommend the daily use in your diet of vegetables, fruit and certain products made from flour such as pasta. You must also try to eat regularly and minimise the use of sugar, salt and fatty meals.