The agenda for the President: how Congress is preparing to press charges Trump

The legal Committee of the chamber of representatives of the U.S. Congress demanded from Donald trump to answer whether his lawyers to testify in the hearings of the impeachment. In a letter to the head of the legal Committee, Jerry Nadler mentioned the investigation by Robert Mueller regarding the “Russian intervention”. Congressmen have not yet put forward a final accusations against the head of the White house, but plan to in the near future. According to experts, the mention of the investigations of Muller — evidence of lack of arguments in favor of impeachment.

Повестка для президента: как конгресс США готовится выдвинуть официальные обвинения Трампу

© Reuters / AFPПредседатель of the legal Committee of the house of representatives Jerry Nadler sent to the President of the United States Donald Trump a letter, which gave him time till 6 December to answer the question: will his lawyers to participate in the impeachment hearings.

“I write to you to know whether your lawyer use special privileges enshrined in the document on procedure of impeachment adopted by the Legal Committee of the U.S. house of representatives in accordance with resolution No. 660 of the house of representatives, and to participate in the upcoming impeachment hearings,” — said in a letter to Trump, also posted on the website of the legal Committee of the house of representatives.

It clarifies the Reuters, the US President needs to decide whether his lawyer to call witnesses and present their evidence in the upcoming impeachment hearings.

Resolution no. 660, quoted in the letter giving this right to the President, but if he illegally refuses to cooperate with the investigation and to provide information that will prompt Congress, the rights of a President under impeachment proceedings may be restricted.

Again Russia

In the document sent to the President of the United States, mentioned the investigation of spectracolor Robert Mueller about the possible links trump with Russia. Initially, when the Congress leaders gave the nod to start impeachment proceedings, the reason for it was the subject of the alleged pressure on President Vladimir Zelensky during his conversation with trump in July of this year. Now, however, Congress again reminded of the investigation by Mueller.
“As you know, the legal Committee is conducting an investigation regarding the allegations of possible obstruction of justice on your part, as detailed in the report, special Prosecutor Robert Mueller “On the investigation of Russian interference in presidential elections in 2016,” — said Nadler in a letter to Trump.

Recall that in spring 2019 was first published summary, and then an extended version of the report of spectracolor Muller, which stated that the election headquarters of the trump in 2016, did not engage with the Russian government “in collusion with the aim of promoting intervention in elections.”

However, in the same document Mueller made an ambiguous statement regarding possible interference with trump his investigation. The Commission reported that it did not came to the conclusion that the President broke the law, but at the same time clarified that such a position in relation to trump “should not be considered final justification”. Then Jerry Nadler said that if Mueller was not able to bring charges against trump, it must be done by Congress.

About the Russian intervention a few days ago I remembered and the head of the house Committee on intelligence, Adam Schiff.

“For the second time trump promotes foreign interference in our elections for political gain: last time it was Russia, now Ukraine. The current President threatens the integrity of the electoral process, and Congress must decide how to resist it. Cannot be postponed. The issue is really acute,” wrote 25 Nov Schiff in his Twitter.

Повестка для президента: как конгресс США готовится выдвинуть официальные обвинения Трампу

Adam Schiff✔@RepAdamSchiffTrump has now twice sought foreign interference in our elections to help him politically, first from Russia, and now from Ukraine.

This president threatens the integrity of our elections, and Congress must consider the remedy.

It cannot wait. The urgency is real.

Повестка для президента: как конгресс США готовится выдвинуть официальные обвинения Трампу

As noted in an interview with RT Director of the Foundation for Franklin Roosevelt’s study of the United States at Moscow state University Yuri Rogulev, the fact that the Democrats have once again publicly returning to the subject of “Russian intervention” — a true Testament to the weakness of the position of the Congress.

“Democrats are beginning to grasp at straws. That is, having no real substantial grounds for the charges on the Ukrainian case, they are trying to completely stop everything, go back to the Mueller report,” said Rogulev.

To “enhance” the charges

According to experts, one of the main problems in the process of impeachment of trump, who is at the present time, is that against the President and has not filed the final charges that should be outlined in a special document — the submission to the impeachment (articles of impeachment), and then vote in the lower house of Congress. CNN sources claim that this vote should take place in the coming weeks — before Christmas, which is celebrated in the USA on 25 December.

According to us media reports, the official charges which will be imposed the decision of impeachment trump, are likely to be formulated on the basis of the report of the intelligence Committee, which is chaired by Adam Schiff. He promised to submit a document after the return of the Congress to work after a long weekend on the occasion of thanksgiving.

Повестка для президента: как конгресс США готовится выдвинуть официальные обвинения Трампу

Adam Schiff Reuters © Jacquelyn MartinДоклад the head of the intelligence Committee mentioned in the beginning of the letter Jerry Nadler Trump. At the same time, the head of the legal Committee of the quoted excerpt from a not yet published report of the Schiff. In it, trump charged that “once again” tried to use outside help to solve their political problems.

“In addition, the report will contain a description of “months of effort, President trump, aimed at re-admission of interference in our elections for the purpose of extracting personal and political benefits to the detriment of our national interests,” the document says.We will remind, earlier on the part of the Congress there also were other allegations against trump. Thus, the speaker of the house of representatives Nancy Pelosi said that the request by trump to the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky to investigate the Affairs of the company Burisma, associated with the family of former Vice-President Joe Biden, can be equated to “bribery”.In her opinion, as “bribes” were the military assistance to Ukraine, which trump allegedly kept waiting until Ukraine will not announce the necessary investigation.

In addition, one speaker appeared to appeal to voters with a request to sign a statement in which trump accused of spending taxpayers ‘ money to bribe other States for their own political purposes.

However, according to the publication USA Today, although the focus of the investigation in the framework of the impeachment is Ukraine, the Democrats want to “enhance” the charges against the President, referring to no relevant content other investigations.

So, earlier, the Congress tried to get documents that would indicate that trump admitted irregularities in the conduct of its business, including that he was allegedly involved in financial fraud.

“We want to tell the fullest possible story of corruption and crime that emanates from the White house. At the same time, if we really want to do this, then we need to determine the allegations, said USA Today Jamie Raskin, the democratic Congressman from Maryland, a member of the legal and oversight committees of the house of representatives. — This is the kind of balance we seek. The narrative should be comprehensive, but if we’re going to press charges, then the wording of paragraphs should be as accurate and specific”.

The trial of President

Despite the fact that the White house sharply criticized the impeachment proceedings and not previously encouraged many employees to testify, 18 Nov trump did not rule out that he can speak before Congress. November 22, the us leader said that he supports holding hearings on impeachment in the Senate.

Повестка для президента: как конгресс США готовится выдвинуть официальные обвинения Трампу

Manifestacija supporters of impeachment trump Reuters © Theresa KeilКроме Togo, November 26, the White house said that he would be glad if the Minister of energy Rick Perry, Secretary of state Mike Pompeo, acting head of the White house Mick Malvani and a number of other officials “have testified about false impeachment”. However, the sources of the portal Politico claim that at least next week trump is not going to send representatives to the meeting of the legal Committee of the house of representatives.

Повестка для президента: как конгресс США готовится выдвинуть официальные обвинения Трампу

Donald J. Trump✔@realDonaldTrump · Nov 26, 2019Replying to @realDonaldTrump…lawyer has already stated that I did nothing wrong. John Bolton is a patriot and may know that I held back the money from Ukraine because it is considered a corrupt country, & I wanted to know why nearby European countries weren’t putting up money also. Likewise, I would….

Повестка для президента: как конгресс США готовится выдвинуть официальные обвинения Трампу

Donald J. Trump✔@realDonaldTrump…love to have Mike Pompeo, Rick Perry, Mick Mulvaney and many others testify about the phony Impeachment Hoax. It is a Democrat Scam that is going nowhere but, future Presidents should in no way be compromised. What has happened to me should never happen to another President!According to Yuri And, it is difficult to predict, would trump personally or through counsel, to testify before Congress.

On the one hand, the President criticises what is happening in the house of representatives as a biased political judgment. On the other, the last trump statements indicate that his supporters are ready to counterattack in the Senate, which is controlled by the Republicans, who were willing to sweat themselves Democrats, if the house of representatives vote for impeachment.”The Republicans now went for broke, they even require to soon formulated these accusations to be able to translate these hearings in the Senate — said Yuri Rogulev. They are already preparing to call his witnesses there, including Joe Biden and his son.”

In turn, the political scientist-americanist Mikhail Sinelnikov, Oreshak said in an interview with RT that in the speech before Congress in the hearings of impeachment from a political point of view can be both pluses and minuses for trump. The expert noted that the US President may refuse to testify against himself.

“I basically see a sufficient number of advantages that trump testified. It can give a good fight. But on the other hand, too much time before the next election to hold such a performance. If it was the summer of 2020, I wouldn’t doubt that trump will speak and uses this revolt against his political opponents, — said RT Sinelnikov-of Oreshak. But now the elections are still far and all this will be forgotten. And the fact that the President was justified before Congress, testifying, and he tried to catch the memory will remain. Trump, of course, may be, but I doubt that it is now appropriate”.Alexander Bovdunov, Elizaveta Komarova

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