The air traffic collapse in the country

Le trafic aérien chute au pays

OTTAWA | The air traffic in Canada has declined by nearly 30 % in the month of march compared to the same period last year.

More exactly, we speak of a decline of 27.9 %, according to figures released Monday by NAV Canada, the private company that manages air traffic in the country.

In the early months of 2020, prior to the crisis of the sars coronavirus, the air traffic was about the same compared to the beginning of 2019.

The fall has been so overwhelming that the canadian airspace has been busiest in February and march this year, the opposite trend of what is usually observed, NAV Canada.

To compile its statistics, the company is based on unit charges of the carriers to fly over canadian airspace or land there. It is, therefore, to say that these figures take into account not only the number of flights, but also aircraft size and distance flown by those.

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